Bubble Spinner: the Gameplay That Hooks

Bubble Spinner: the Gameplay That Hooks


Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner is a casual online adventure developed by Cube9 Studio Inc in 2016. No one expected this simple minimalistic game to be so successful. But it immediately stormed the market and attracted thousands of fans. As well as gave rise to copycats, both good and bad ones. And even several years later it’s still one of the most played titles. Why? What are the rules? Are there any special strategies to win? Step into the crazy world of Skibidi Toilet game – More madness.

Match 3 Roots

Match 3 Roots

You must have heard and tried this puzzle-shooter genre several times. Its principles are the same in any similar adventure. Shoot with items to form a sequence of 3 identical ones. In this case, these are bubbles of different colors. Basically, the whole process consists of 2 elements. Unlock the power of retro gaming: emulatorgame for true gamers.

  • Your cannon is in the upper part, loaded and ready.
  • A hexagon in the middle is a chaos of several dozen balls.

Adjust the direction to shoot at and click to launch the “missile”. Your target is the areas with lots of similar bubbles. Or at least with 2. The chains explode and disappear when you hit them with the right bubble. The goal is to clear the whole area, earn points and proceed to the next level. Sounds hooking, right?

What Makes Bubble Spinner So Challenging?

Even a toddler can match colors. The main problem for gamers here is that the hexagon is not static. Your blows disturb the construction. And make it rotate to the direction you fire. A moving target is not a piece of cake. Trust us and the experience of other fans.

Losing here is simple. The round doesn’t last for long due to certain limitations. Namely, the session is over when the hexagon grows to the virtual table’s borders. You’ll face over 200 levels. With the first one being quite demanding, imagine what waits for you further. Check out the video to get the hang of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcIc_f5_POg.

Effective Strategies

Over the years of practice and experience, devoted gamers have created a guideline with tips. These are the most useful ones:

  • Never hurry. Why the rush, it’s not about speed. There isn’t even a timer to encourage you to shoot without thinking. On the contrary, take as long as you need to find the perfect spot. And try to predict what options will open or close for you with certain moves.
  • Use the surroundings to your advantage. Have you located a perfect area to strike at, but it’s out of your range? Make bubbles bounce off the borders and land right where you want it. It’s hard. Practice your marksmanship, as it really helps.
  • Get rid of the segments that come close to borders. Otherwise, they’ll reach them, and you won’t be able to continue the round.

Free of Charge Gaming

Download nothing to play Bubble Spinner. Just open your browser and follow one of the links to start right away. But if it’s more convenient to install it on smartphones, opt for app versions. Enjoy the title from gadgets and achieve new records every day!