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🤔How Does A Carb Cap Work? (Carb Caps Explained)

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A carb cap will give you a fatter dab, but HOW DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK?
In this video I will explain the science behind how a carb cap actually works.

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  1. My g for a 25mm banger a zach brown cap is a must! No seal, no deal! Its the best function in the game for like 50 bucks

  2. Holy snapple I’m cooked 🌱🔥🤤 love your channel Matt!! Big ups from the bay area

  3. next one gonna be how the water works in your rig. lol we should all be over 21 i feel like this is a info channel for a 15 yr old pot head

  4. Honestly I found you by searching for informational vids. compared to customgrow420 I enjoy learning and listening to you explain stuff instead of just watching people get blazed lol

  5. Purr carb caps are nice 👌 . Its like a mini chess piece

  6. great info Matt! keep those knowledge nuggets coming!

  7. how about a video on K (keck) clips i stopped using them after i broke two expensive down stems. do i even need these?

  8. That's why I use a nector collector on a flat piece of quarts fucking clouds off tinny bits

  9. No, we all don't know what carb caps are. If it were so, we wouldn't be watching this video 😂

  10. Thank god there isn't a 10 minute intro for this video. Appreciate you getting into it quickly

  11. i like you already -_- and i’m not sure why or maybe is this sativa …

  12. Is it bad if the cap slightly touches the bottom of the banger and maybe the oil while taking the dab?

  13. I'm carb cap snob, there best I've used are MarkAndrewsglass and ZachBrownglass. Both are guaranteed to give you the perfect seal. Marks are the best bubble caps I've found to use with beveled bangers. Zach Brown's will give you perfect seal for any style banger and he has long noodle versions for deep bucket style bangers. I usually only smoke rosin so function is everything for me.

  14. There's a free app in the google playstore called DabCity, it's a dab timer used for consistent dabbing!

  15. I want that banger/cap combo so god damn bad where do I find one

  16. has dopest setup and doesn’t know how it works every stoner

  17. how is the oil burning. It looks like your putting the cap on and it just smokes on it own….did you preheat the banger and just didn't show it on video?

  18. Gee for 7 years I've been dabbing wrong. Thanks for showing why I should use a carb cap. (One came with the enail and I had no idea how or why it was used). Psyched to now be able to do idiot proof consistent heat. Now to hit it hard for 7 more years so I can give the the science of how much better my lungs feel/ function. .

  19. What size banger do I need for the cap your using I bought the same one but it is too big for the dab rig I bought (this is my first rig)

  20. Figured this was gonna be just another pothead going "Yeahhhhh dude you just plop it on there and that's it! Like and subscribe!" and was pleasantly surprised. Good video

  21. Been smoking for a long time but today I feel like the beginner again lol thanks for the video man😇

  22. Yup your dope this video got my sub.💪🏾💪🏾💙


  24. I just wanted to learn how to carbonate water in a plastic bottle.

  25. What where you using to load your dab around the 30 second mark?

  26. I'm new to smoking weed and I want to dab,this channel tells me all I need to know,THANK YOU!!!! Preach Brotha!!!!

  27. capped my ex's banger w a milky dab🤣 the kids 10 now

  28. I'm enjoying the educational content subscribed

  29. Thanks for the lesson Stoner Teacher!😉☮️

  30. What do you call those little things that spin?

  31. Could you do a video on freezing carb caps? I’ve been seeing these glycerin filled carb caps and I’m wondering if they’re bs

  32. “This is the stain show-“ immediately subscribed 😛

  33. Did you hear what my man said???? “Another Fat Cloud ☁️ “…..

  34. I bought my first Dab Rig last week, a good one. I SUCK AT GETTING GOOD HITS!!!!! Mine didn't come with a carb cap or pearls (does have 14mm q banger)….MY HITS SUCK!!!!!!!!! Instead of 2-3 BIG clouds, I get like 6 little hits….using back of hash jar as cap. Am I not getting good hits because no carb cap??

  35. Back in my day, Sonny, we smoked Honey Oil outta bubble pipes, and we liked it.

  36. This dude remindeds me of Barney from Andy Griffith Show

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