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10 Second Trigger ASMR Videos are a Thing Now.

Corey ASMR
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YOU WILL #tingle to this Video! In this #ASMR video, In this video I do 10 second triggers for (nearly) The Whole Video! Tell me your favorite trigger in the comments! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU POOKIE! YOU’RE WELCOME POOKIE 🧸🧸🧸 ENJOY SEXY PEOPLE! 😘😘😘


Slow ASMR:
Corey ASMR 2:

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  1. I love the all but the the jade roller ones are 😍😍

  2. I swear the title was different when it released. Is this just me? Mandela effect? Help…

  3. I was having a nose bleed watching this 🅰️🅰️🆎🆎🆎🩸🩸🩸💀💀💀💀💀

  4. Time:

    0:10 – candy with scorpion in it
    0:20 – roller with pop rocks
    0:30 – roller with tape
    0:40 – pen clicking
    0:50 – window washing
    1:00 – tapping on pexiglass
    1:10 – rolling on Lego
    1:20 – pluck and snip
    1:30 – break apart with roller
    1:40 – zooming in and out
    1:50 – tapping on glass bottle
    2:00 – gloves on mic
    2:10 – jellyfish with gloves
    2:20 – roller on bottle
    2:30 – basketball
    2:40 – get out my fishbowl (tapping)
    2:50 – tapping on cámara
    3:00 – tapping on a glass
    3:10 – controller
    3:20 – writing on wood board
    3:30 – plastic
    3:40 – wooden bread (credits to Gibi)
    3:50: quick light triggers (warning)
    4:03 – popping light trigger
    4:09: personal attention
    4:18: tapping with clips on a bowl”
    4:33 – roller on ur face
    4:43 – light on fake grass
    4:53 – writting on cactus 🌵
    5:04 – tap on orbeez
    5:13 – personal attention
    5:23 -plastic case that makes good sounds
    5:35 – charge and release
    5:45 -spray painting cámara
    5:55 – jellyfish with tape
    6:03 – look right here (chopsticks)
    6:13 – tapping on gems
    6:24-can botttle tapping
    6:33 – showing Pokémon card w poprocks
    6:44 – talking w pop rocks in mouth
    6:55 – light in bottle
    7:03 – taking tingles outa sand castle (credits to Mr. Blind)
    7:13 – roller on sand castle
    7:23 – banana on mic
    7:33 – scratching on a empty Amazon packet or smth (idk what it is)

  5. Dayum, the difference of seitching from shorts to acual videos is very big, cause shorts have worse audio quality

  6. timestamps

    0:00 intro

    0:09 crinkle sounds

    0:19 pop rocks with sticky roller

    0:29 tape with sticky roller

    0:39 clicking pens

    0:49 window washing

    0:59 tapping on plexiglass

    1:09 roller on lego brick

    1:19 pluck and snip with gloves

    1:29 break apart and stick

    1:39 zooming in and out

    1:49 lotion tapping

    1:59 mic with gloves

    2:09 jellyfish with gloves

    2:19 jade roller with bottle

    2:29 basketball

    2:39 tapping on bowl

    2:49 camera tapping and finger snaps

    2:59 tapping on glass

    3:09 messing with game controller

    3:19 writing with chopstick

    3:29 plastic on face

    3:39 gibi's toaster coaster

    3:49 giving you light trigger warning

    4:01 pop the light

    4:09 plastic tops personal attention (idk what it is)

    4:19 paper clips tapping on bowl

    4:31 jade roller on face

    4:39 light on grass

    4:49 chopsticks and cactus

    4:59 orbeez and wet mouth sounds

    5:12 personal attention and mic sounds

    5:22 my case that makes good sounds

    5:32 charge and release

    5:42 visual whipped cream??

    5:52 tape and jellyfish

    6:02 look here with chopsticks

    6:12 build up with gems

    6:22 pumpkin pie can tapping

    6:32 pokemon and pop rocks

    6:42 inaudible whispering with pop rocks

    6:52 mouth sounds and light trigger

    7:02 personal attention with sand castle

    7:12 jade roller on sand castle

    7:22 banana on mic

    7:32 amazon package

    7:42 light trigger across your face

    7:52 build up tapping with witch nails
    my fingers!!!!

  7. Вот он настоящий лизогуб

  8. please make a video just with spray and wipe, I never asked you for anything😭😭😭

  9. Playback speed 0.75 you’ll thank me later 😂

  10. Я очень давно смотрю асмр это первый кто за столько лет меня смог реально замурашит. У меня не было мурашек уже год

  11. 10:03 is my fav part it’s the perfect blend of visual and auditory

  12. you’re definitely the most creative asmrtist in my opinion. You’re always creating new sounds w unique objects and it’s very refreshing 😌😴

  13. Loved the globe trigger and the painting trigger at 4:54!! Would love to see those again

  14. there are 121 and 1/5 trigger or 121.2 triggers in this particular asmr video

  15. erm, actually, the second one was 11 seconds long☝️🤓

  16. Corey question You, Mr.Blind, and Jojo do a collab. The Nicest ASMRist, The faceless ASMRist, and the King of Mouth Sounds. Thoughts?????

  17. Oh my god those like. Pen clicks chiropractor triggers and the pens writing on cardboard or smth (I think? I was looking away hahaha) are PREMIUM. instant follow. I’d love to see more stuff like that!

  18. Ok so doing the math.

    1 trigger is 10 seconds. A minute is 60 seconds which means there are 6 triggers per minute. Multiply that by 20 minutes and you get 120 triggers. The video is 20:13 which means +1 trigger because theres an extra 10 seconds. So there are 121 triggers in this video according to math, with 3 seconds left over because it's very hard to make a trigger dead on 10 seconds without a few milliseconds added on

  19. Бро только не пробей мне глаза💀💀💀

  20. No goof its cause he is doing more than one trigger

  21. How many V bucks for your Microphone?

  22. Ngl your asmr is good but the talking in the first part of the video or genuinely the way you talk make some very annoyed no hate I like your asmr but generally the talking makes me very uncomfortable and annoyed

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