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15 Frosting Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them!

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In this tutorial I’ll show you the most common 15 mistakes people make while frosting cakes AND how to avoid and fix those mistakes to get super smooth frosting on your cakes. If you have any unanswered questions please ask them in the comments and I’ll answer them there!

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  1. Do you have an Amazon or list of where you get your products from? Like the turn table & frosting tools

  2. My frosting seems too runny. I feel like I have to hurry and put it on the cake or put it in the fridge so it becomes firm. What do you recommend I do?

  3. the cake you have used here is not soaked. i wonder like youve shown in another video why havent you soaked for keeping the cake moist?

  4. Can I just take a moment to say that your application of frosting that is there to be smoothed is so beautifully done that I would be happy to have even that as my decorated cake. I mean, that's the messy part and its gorgeous lol. Thank you for these tips, I've been cooking professionally for almost 20 years and never get tired of learning new info. Thank you!

  5. After frosting the cake should I freeze it

  6. You dis not explain hoe to handle the scaping spatula..your supposed to handle the spatula at 90 degrees..i noticed you have it straigh …

  7. Thank you for making this very helpful video. I just started getting into making cakes I want to make my daughter’s first birthday cake in November, so I practice every time I Huey a change and so far this has been the most helpful video I’ve watched, and helped me spot several mistakes I’ve made. I’ll keep practicing with all I’ve learned in this video. Thanks again!

  8. Very handy tips! Thanks so much. I have always had issues with the first crum coat.

  9. I hated frosting layer cakes until I learned about crumb-coating. Crumb-coating makes it soooo much easier to get a nice looking cake.

  10. Very useful video. Please share the recipe of frosting you used in this video.

  11. Oh, now I see what my issue is! I don't have a turn table nor an offset spatula

  12. I typically remove the domes of my cake to level them and don’t have much trouble with leaning, but I’m also using 9” rounds. Is there a reason why I’ve seen so many bakers not level the smaller rounds?

  13. I love your teaching British girl 👌👍💯

  14. Ur cake may be beautiful but I don think it will be delicious look so hard

  15. My problem is when I do colors in the frosting it get stiff and kinda hard when I put the Cake into the fridge it's kinda crusty and hard please help

  16. Also your cakes are just too big ,the height of your cake is not proportionate with the filling .

  17. I love you and your style of teaching I have learnt a lot
    Thank you very much 💓

  18. it'll wobble a bit less too if you actually leveled your cakes first instead of frosting them when the layers are wonky as hell

  19. Really beautiful n looks very neat, thanx so much for dis video.

  20. How do I stop my cakes and frosting bulging on the sides? Is that down to room-temp cake?

  21. This will really help me for when I make my sisters birthday cakes, I can never get a perfect smooth finish

  22. If you freeze a large sheet cake, take it out, frost &devorate it what if i cont needit for a day ut i can’t fit it in ref. Can I just leave it out for a day?

  23. Love this! I learnt so much even though I’m a home baker. How advance can I make a mermaid buttercream cake with chocolate mermaid tails or using fondant? Can I make it 2 days before and keep it in the fridge and take it out on the day at room temperature?

  24. Thank you soooo much for these amazing tips!!!

  25. Thanks a lot! Iam learning new techniques about cakes from your videos. Long live .may God save you.

  26. Leveling the cakes before you start would help a lot with mistake number 15. Buttercream cakes should not NEED to be stored in the fridge. I agree with using the fridge briefly (15-30mins) to set the filled layers before crumb coating, and again after crumb coating before you add the final layer, but your buttercream (if using ABC) should crust over after being left out in contact with the air and the cake shouldn't start to lean if its set properly. All sponges should be cut level before filling to remove any domes and for tall cakes you can also add a dowel through the centre. But refrigerating cakes only masks problems with stability. As soon as it reaches room temperature again it will start to fall if its not been set up right in first place.

  27. Ok thanks for d tips
    But if u keep the cake in d freezer nd when u bring it out it will sweeting nd d decorations will look scattered
    So is it really good to put it in the fridge?

  28. What if the cream becomes to runny??? I was waiting for this tip. :/

  29. Your tips are truly appreciated! I was just frosting a cake and was wondering why the 2nd coat was mixing with the crumb coat. Needed the first coat to chill in the fridge first🤦‍♀️. Lesson learned😂

  30. I never did a crumb coat before mostly because I have a sweet tooth so I lick my fingers ALOT (I do wash my hands though!) and well I just don't love making frosting

  31. A decorator need sto ensure that top and bottom of each layer are a level as possible before even thinking about icing.

  32. Thanks for this. Could you plz share which color you used to color the buttercream. It's gorgeous ❤

  33. what a crap accent, as a brit, is this a pisstake?

  34. Hiya,
    I have been baking for around 3 years and never really attempted to mske a "pretty" cake but today I followed all of your tips ans tricks and wowed everyone with a gorgeous chocolate cake… thank you so much ♡♡♡
    I will continue to follow your channel and your tips regularly

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