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20221122 Unbox P 40 & Zero

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00:09 Unboxing planes
04:42 Zero parts laid out, overview
06:36 P-40 Walkaround
12:51 Outtro

Today I unbox my Skyshark P-40 and ESM Zero! After unboxing, I lay out the Zero parts and record a walkaround of the p-40. Can’t wait to get these in the air!

SkyShark P-40
Wingspan 82”, 2083mm
Length 71”, 1803mm
Wing area 1190 in2
Weight recommended 19-23 lbs, actual
Sierra pneumatic gear
Aluminum wheels

ESM Zero
Wingspan 88”, 2235mm
ESM electric gear
Brison 3.4 (50cc)
HS-645’s & HS-5645’s

Purchased from:
Taylored Warbirds
Brian Taylor 724-813-5788
[email protected]
RCGroups: Moonbeam51

Music created and recorded by me.


  1. They sir are some SEXY SEXY planes I'm obsessed with WW2 warbirds 😃

  2. Love the cats 🐈 checking quality control 😂


    Amazing beautiful planes!

  4. Beautiful P40..it's my favorite airplane and have owned many,please tell me you are going to replace that wood 2 blade prop with a 3 blade like it should have.

  5. Oooo the sky shark p40. Careful you don’t land it at less than 5000mph! It will just fall out of the sky…

  6. Hiya Dan, I've just come across your channel and I've got to say that I've enjoyed the content. I found the vinyl sharks mouth really interesting…you're lucky to have a go to guy like him. I live in a quite remote part of the UK so it's difficult to get something like that done. Catch ya later. Pete.

  7. Two fantastic looking planes. I love the both of them. I've never had either but I always fancied a Zero. I wish you all the luck in the world with those two aircraft and happy landings. Great video to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice P-40 and Zero.. Always good to have a shop Cat or 2..

  9. I prefer to build my planes, made in Italy….

  10. I really loved saying you're beautiful war birds I am currently putting together at P47 razorback of my own it's a fiberglass fuselage and a foam core balsa sheeted wing. I went electric with a hacker a 50 – 16L motor running an 8S system. I put Phoenix model retracts in it With Robart wheels. Anyway thank you for sharing your planes I really enjoyed seeing them.

  11. I had a good laugh at you stressing about how to get the zero out of the box. Cut the box and take it out. Great looking planes

  12. Beautiful warbirds. Those are some very nice models 👍🏻 I love how the rudder extends beyond the elevator on the P40. I'd imagine that makes it very effective 🤔 I've never flown a P40 sadly so I'm just guessing. LoL ✌🏻

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