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#218 Transform Your Random Tumbler With Beautiful Vinyl, Resin + Decal!

Glitz N’ Glitter By Michelle
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Get those old, used tumblers out and let’s make them beautiful!

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Tumbler From Your Kitchen Cabinet LOL


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  1. Hi im very new to tumbler making (getting a turner for xmas) iv looked but can not find the little cutting blade thing you twist the tumber onto for a straight cut please help ty in advance

  2. I love it ❤God-bless have a great day

  3. I love the decal. It brings to mind an old hymn called “The Ninety and Nine.”

  4. Yes it is much better now with a little bit of Glitz n' Glitter❤

  5. That came out very nice. Great quote too. Exceptional finish on the tumbler. ❤ this. 🥰

  6. Fantastic job, turned out really great, love it, Thank you for sharing.

  7. SUPER WOW! You have a great imagination ❤❤

  8. Nice job, so easy. Great for beginners. ❤❤

  9. Your friend will be thrilled! It’s lovely ❤

  10. You always make it look so easy Michelle ❤

  11. I love it! You couldn't have chosen a better scripture ❤

  12. That is awesome! I can never get a vinyl to wrap properly.

  13. Thank you Michelle, a beautiful transformation.

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