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#247 How To Use Napkins For Fall Resin Coasters Without Losing Their Color!

Glitz N’ Glitter By Michelle
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Let’s Resin 720z Fast Cure Is

Let’s Resin 1 Gallon Epoxy Resin:

Napkins Purchased At Hobby Lobby

Gold Metallic Mica:

White Pigment Paste:


Shimmer Glitter Used In Clear Top:

Gold Paint Pen:

Large Disposable Mixing Cups:

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Large Crystal Tower Mold:👉

Intense Chameleon Powder👉

Silicone Rubber 2kg:

Silicone Putty:

Casting Powder:

Crystal Cluster Mold:

Liquid Mirror Chrome Metallic Marker:

HDPE mold For River Cutting Boards:

500g UV resin:

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Deburring Tool:

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Mica Spoon: KN10425


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  1. You cut the napkins so perfectly I would need a machine

  2. love your glitter, and the napkin colors🥰

  3. Hi Michelle. I thought both sets of coasters turned out beautiful. (Plaid & Pumpkins/Sunflowers). I have a question: have you ever tried this with fabric material and if not, is it something you would consider doing a video of in the future of? I would love to see it if you do. I love watching you and your husband’s videos. God bless y’all.

  4. I don't know if u like doing long videos but like watching long video when it comes to resin

  5. Very pretty. I like the plaid print it goes great with the original design

  6. New set turned out perfect! Just gorgeous! 2nd set also – job well done! They all look great!

  7. Turned out great. 💛🤎❤️🧡 thanks for sharing

  8. ❤❤❤ this plaid. Must be the Scottish in me. Gorgeous. Also 🧡the pumpkin sunflower ones. Autumn is my fav time of year. 🥰

  9. This was so helpful! I have napkins I will be using! I also have a few coasters I messed up and may try to save with napkins.

  10. Have you ever tried using heat transfers? I bought some from Temu that I want to try!

  11. So glad the white and gold worked. Much brighter.❤

  12. Love the fall colors. Great outcome. ❤😊❤

  13. I absolutely love these coasters. I wonder if my HL still has these napkins? With my luck, probably not.

  14. I’m loving these! Great choice of napkins!❤

  15. You might try using both layers of the other napkin also and still use the glitter. Since it's a thicker material, it may not be as dark.

  16. Beautiful! I'm glad you tried them again 🥰❤

  17. Hi Michelle, love your coasters! Was wondering though, if you could advice me on how to protect decoupaged, varnished coasters from sticking to hot mugs, without resin.

  18. Those are beautiful! Will you take a picture when you get them all displayed?

  19. I love 💕 both sets of coasters! Your table will certainly be gorgeously decorated this year. Would you show us when you get the table done please? Thank you Michelle for all the videos you put out for us. I’ve learned so much

  20. Love the coasters, was just on Temu and have you checked out their napkins? I have to be careful not to go crazy!! I love the gold brushed on the mold. Thank you for the idea!!

  21. They look so pretty! I'm going to make some, too. 😍

  22. Hi Michelle these are so beautiful love the pumpkins 🎃, big difference with the white background, maybe if you leaft the 2 layers on it may not be as dark 🤔, thanks for sharing ❤ xx

  23. I cannot even find any fall napkins or any decent napkins

  24. Wow! I didn’t think that I could use napkins with resin! I have a ton of napkins from when I briefly wanted to decoupage things. 😂
    I do have one question, can you give any tips with putting the gold on after you remolded everything? Like how did you find a gold that matched the powder gold, (I’m assuming you used a marker?)
    Also, any tips or how to get your lines so straight and neat?
    I just subscribed to your channel the other day and your videos have really helped and inspired me. Thank you so much!

  25. Okay…I admit, I was sceptical at first, but these are beautiful and I cannot wait to try this! ❤

  26. What a fantastic idea. They are all beautiful.

  27. I truly love your full coasters fantastic job you go girl 😊😅❤

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