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#254 Fulfilling Another Resin BLING Jar In Blue And Silver!

Glitz N’ Glitter By Michelle
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Let’s get this custom piece made!! So excited for these gorgeous colors and glitters!

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Today’s Items Used:

Lets Resin – Resin Curing Machine:


Sparkle Dust:

Let’s Resin 1gallon epoxy resin:

Silver Mica Powder:

Blue Alcohol Ink Made By Mod Podge – Could Not Locate Link

Blue Glitters Purchased At Michaels Arts And Crafts


Alcohol Bottle Dispenser:

Needle Tip Bottle:

Liquid Fusion:

Wax Pencil For Rhinestones:

Tray For Rhinestones:


Silver Paint Pen:



Mini Torch:

Large Disposable Mixing Cups:

Craft Knife:

Deburring Tool:

Mica Spoon: KN10425
Let’s Resin Affiliate Links:

Lets Resin – Resin Curing Machine:

Let’s Resin 1 Gallon PUMP Resin Kit:

Let’s Resin 150oz deep pour resin:

Let’s Resin 20oz fast cure resin:

Let’s Resin 720z fast cure is

Let’s Resin 1gallon epoxy resin:

Let’s Resin 1 gallon table top resin:

Let’s Resin 500g UV resin:

Let’s Resin Polyurethane resin:

Let’s Resin white alcohol ink (C deeper):

Let’s Resin 450ml silicone cup:

Let’s Resin 26 colors ink set:

Let’s Resin resin tape:

Let’s Resin collector mat:

Liquid Mirror Chrome Metallic Marker:

Silicone Cutting Board HDPE mold:

Resiners Resin Dryer for Cup Turner —

Amazon link For Resiners Products:
the AirLess bubble removal machine —

Resiners Resin Dryer for Cup Turner —
Link To Creative Fabrica To Save You Some Money On Images, Fonts etc….

Misc. Items

99% Alcohol:

Heat Gun:

Mini Torch:

Large Torch:

Large Disposable Mixing Cups:

Small Disposable Mixing Cups:

Silicone Tool:

Craft Knife:

Deburring Tool:

Lets Resin – Resin Curing Machine:

Tumbler Turner:

Mini Torch:

Large Torch:

Mica Spoon: KN10425


Alcohol Bottle Dispenser:

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North Port, FL 34287


  1. That is very beautiful the colors are outstanding and it is very elegant.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Michelle, the blue and silver are such a match 🎉🎉

  3. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 😮😮😮😮❤❤❤❤ LOVE LOVE THAT COLOR AND GLITTER Sad face on the ripped mold

  4. Michelle, this is one of my favorite pieces you have made. I also love blue with silver, and that glitter can't be beat! ❤❤❤

  5. These pieces are so beautiful 😍 The shattered glass looking glitter is stunning. TFS💜🎨

  6. I've just got this mould and I'm going to pour it tomorrow l. Can you tell me how to not get bubbles sticking to the details please? I don't have a bubble machine or heat mat

  7. Beautiful – Just Beautiful!!! 💙 (P.S. believe it or not, I found the blue Mod Podge alcohol ink at WalMart, along with other colors. It's not a real deep ink but sometimes it's just perfect for what you need 👍 there's a gorgeous aqua/turquoise color too 😁)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the blue and silver and of course the glitter

  9. Absolutely Beautiful Michelle, I love it❤ When I get healthy enough I need to come raid your glitter stash, I live in Winter Haven, FL😂

  10. Look what I've done. I think i started something with this orders. I'm glad but I hope it's not too much trouble for you. That blue 💙 is gorgeous

  11. Turn out beautiful nice colors 🧡❤️💛🤎

  12. It’s so pretty. It reminds me of a Faberge egg.

  13. so beautiful, you are awesome in fullfilling orders and letting us watch you work😍And you the blues are really a favorite of many people for sure.🥰 Keep on keeping on Michelle. 🤗💕💙

    The blue was really beautiful.

  15. Oh my gosh Michelle, Absolutely Beautiful! Love the color and glitter choices. I couldn't have wanted anything any more beautiful. I am so excited to hold it in my hands. Thank you is hardly enough. I will continue watching you and purchasing more from you. What's not to Love❤♥You are Amazing and I appreciate all you have done for me.

  16. Stunning. Loooveee the blue colour and glitter ❤️

  17. Can you put a little bit of paper in the heart before you put the powder on.

  18. Stunning Michelle blue and silver go so well together xx

  19. This is so beautiful. Before you demolded. I thought Michelle will need to replace mold soon so many beautiful jars you have completed, must admit though the blue glitter is my best.sorry about your mold Michelle and thank you once again for sharing your gift with us.

  20. Blue has been my favorite color my entire 53 year's of life but I guess I am different because I love it with gold or copper. Blue and yellow are opposite on the color wheel and makes it Pop! 💙 🤗 I LOVE this mold and really want one one day. I'm sure I'll be contacting you at some point haha

  21. Very beautiful, as always! Wanted to offer a tip that I like doing with pieces like the heart top on this mold. Dampen a cotton ball or 2 with alcohol and stuff them inside the heart before doing the silver mica powder. There's less clean up and the cotton balls come out easy with tweezers. The alcohol dries quickly and doesn't hurt the mold either. You just touch up any parts touched when taking the cotton balls back out.

  22. I heat the outside of my molds before pouring in the resin it might help it did mine

  23. Do you know how much money you’ve cost me? Every time I watch a video I yell “gotta get that!” My powder came in yesterday and I’ve already used it twice, lol.

  24. Pretty!! Have you tried mold release? It was a game changer for me!

  25. Hi Michelle ! Ohhh wow I love this so much ! Oh so beautiful! ! ❤ love them blues ❤❤ Ty for sharing 😊 As always , your work is amazing!

  26. Gorgeous blue 💙I’m SO happy I came across your channel. Love your videos!

  27. Turned out beautiful as always Michelle. 😊❤

  28. Michelle wow the blue glitter & silver go together fantastically. This piece is STUNNING no other word to describe it —I absolutely 💯 love it ! I’m sure Janet will love 💕 it. I’m sorry that 1/2 of your mold tore —(shows a lot of use). I love watching your videos. Thank you Michelle

  29. Beautiful love the blue and silver combo. Something I do I put a big cotton ball in the opening of the molds were I don’t want mic powder to fall in it helps a lot.

  30. This is so gorgeous 😍 you absolutely outdid yourself with all of the things you made, I love silver compared to gold, but not bias at all…😂 you're right though blue and silver has something magical and regal about it stunning 😍 xxx

  31. This color was just stunning! I am also truly appreciative you show that there are small imperfections in this mold. I have seen others do it who make it look flawless and it has been driving me crazy wondering why I could not achieve the same result. You give me faith that I am doing everything possible to get this mold as perfect as it can be <3

  32. This is gorgeous!!! Love how you show how you get into the corners and small spaces! So helpful!! TFS

  33. GORGEOUS!! Purple would look great in that mold. Ill get a mold the next time i get paid!!

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