#280 Resin/Epoxy River Charcuterie Board For A Special Cancer Survivor! - famousescapegames.com

#280 Resin/Epoxy River Charcuterie Board For A Special Cancer Survivor!

Glitz N’ Glitter By Michelle
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Today’s Items Used:

Let’s Resin 1 Gallon PUMP Resin Kit:

Let’s Resin 150oz deep pour resin:

Let’s Resin Cutting Board HDPE mold:

Let’s Resin Leveling Table :

Let’s Resin 450ml silicone cup:

Blue Mica Powder:

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Lets Resin – Resin Curing Machine:

Let’s Resin 1 Gallon PUMP Resin Kit:

Let’s Resin 150oz deep pour resin:

Let’s Resin 20oz fast cure resin:

Let’s Resin 720z fast cure is

Let’s Resin 1gallon epoxy resin:

Let’s Resin 1 gallon table top resin:

Let’s Resin 500g UV resin:

Let’s Resin Polyurethane resin:

Let’s Resin white alcohol ink (C deeper):

Let’s Resin 450ml silicone cup:

Let’s Resin 26 colors ink set:

Let’s Resin resin tape:

Let’s Resin collector mat:

Liquid Mirror Chrome Metallic Marker:

Let’s Resin Cutting Board HDPE mold:

Intense chameleon powder:
Resiners Resin Dryer for Cup Turner —

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the AirLess bubble removal machine —

Resiners Resin Dryer for Cup Turner —
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Misc. Items

99% Alcohol:

Heat Gun:

Mini Torch:

Large Torch:

Large Disposable Mixing Cups:

Small Disposable Mixing Cups:

Silicone Tool:

Craft Knife:

Deburring Tool:

Lets Resin – Resin Curing Machine:

Tumbler Turner:

Mini Torch:

Large Torch:

Mica Spoon: KN10425


Alcohol Bottle Dispenser:

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  1. Gorgeous! Wouldn't use it though – I'd hang it on the wall! Well Done!

  2. ❤❤You are a very sneaky one. And I love you for it. I've cried many happy tears today. You have helped make this a very special 7th year celebration and birthday. Love you both, and thank you so much. ❤❤
    Edit: I was just thinking back to that question and my answer. And I'm so shocked you got it so perfect out of my description. Especially since I went on about a turtle one, too.
    BTW was that the Odies I could smell when I opened the box? That stuff does smell amazing. I wish I could pinpoint it, but it was several things combined that smelled like an old fashioned candy from before all the artificial crap of today.

  3. I LIVE IN OKINAWA! Sugoi! It means Wow in Japanese. Nice table I’m gonna have to order some Okinawa Blue

  4. Beautiful! You guys are amazing. 😊❤

  5. How much fun can you possibly have being able to create your art? Everyday they I'm so jealous.

  6. What a sweet gesture 😊 it's absolutely beautiful and I'm sure she is loving it ❤️ God bless all of you ❤️

  7. Beautiful. Happy Birthday Kim, congratulations on kicking cancers butt ❤🤎🤍🧡💛

  8. So beautiful. You two very kind hearts ❤❤.

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Great job. ❤

  10. What a lovely birthday present for a deserving viewer.

  11. Congratulations, Kimberly. I'm going into my 3rd year of being cancer free from stage 4 Hodgkins lymphoma. I'm still battling my cystic fibrosis and chronic pancreatitis daily, but I'm glad to be cancer free because my pancreatitis didn't like chemo. Chemo put me in the hospital for a week every 2 weeks after my chemo treatments, which was no fun and very painful. So congratulations on being can Cancer free, and I hope you are living a good, fun life.

  12. What a beautiful treasure ❤. Your kindness is truly special! ❤❤

  13. Beautiful!! Great surprise for a great purpose! @kdscraftcorner CONGRATS!!

  14. What a beautiful gift. So very thoughtful of you both.😊

  15. Congratulations Kimberley I know how hard it is for someone to go through cancer my mum fought for 8yrs but lost her battle last year you keep fighting and happy birthday 🎉

  16. Hi guys congrats Kim on 7 years cancer free ,Don you need your on YouTube channel Wood and resin with Don .It looks fabulous.

  17. Congratulations Kim and Happy Birthday. It is beautiful

  18. Its beautiful, really thoughtful for Kimberley ❤

  19. Your not alone Don I forget too.

  20. Teal and white is also for cervical cancer. Which is what I had. January is the month for cervical cancer.
    That is too funny adding white.
    So it was cervical cancer.
    What is the difference between micro pearl white and macro pearl white? Anyone have an idea?

  21. Congratulations Kimberly! ❤That was very sweet of you both Don and Michelle!

  22. Congratulations Kimberly!🎉my very best wishes to you from the Uk! ☺️🇬🇧

  23. I love waking up in the morning to your new video! Y’all both have such big hearts. Congrats Kimberly!!

  24. I’m 10 years this year, Breast Cancer survivor.
    Congrats Kimberly.

  25. Such a beautiful thing to do! Both of you are amazing!!

  26. I love that you did this for your friend! You guys are just awesome and I am sure your friend loves this board! Thank you for sharing with us!

  27. Wow you guys are amazind. You deserve all the good things in life. Congrats to you Kimberly I am in my 4th year. Michelle and Don are the best.

  28. Congratulations Kimberly on 7 years Cancer free!!! Happy Birthday beautiful lady ❤💙

  29. Happy Birthday 🎂 Kimberly !! Congratulations on 7 yrs 🎉🎉!!! What a gorgeous board & how sweet it is of Michelle & Don to do this. You are very special people

  30. Congratulation on winning the fight Kimberly. Michelle wow not one speck of glitter!! And Don you did a fabulous job on the board. I love the way you two work together. One beautiful board🤗💕💙

  31. Very smart Don. You know what they say "Happy Wife happy life" 😂😂😂😂

  32. What a kind and beautiful gift, you two are gems❤️

  33. Such a wonderful video. Congratulations Kimberly and Happy Birthday. ♥

  34. Congratulations Kimberly and Happy Birthday 🎉, the present turned out great ❤

  35. Congratulations Kimberly on ringing the cancer my sister also has cancer she not so lucky

  36. Congratulations on winning that battle Kimberly 🎉.
    You both did an amazing job. It's so beautiful 🩵🩵🩵🩵🩵

  37. This turned out awesome & also awesome for doing this for Kim – CONGRATS Kim

  38. Congratulations, Kimberly. What an awesome gift. Michelle, you and Don are amazing. I love it,it's beautiful. ❤❤❤

  39. Congrats Kimberly 💕and Happy Birthday 🎂
    Gorgeous board. ❤❤❤ this. 🥰

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