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#285 Resin Blooming In My New Coaster Mold Available!

Glitz N’ Glitter By Michelle
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Crystal Edged Mold:

Lets Resin – Resin Curing Machine:

Let’s Resin 1 Gallon PUMP Resin Kit:

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Ocean White:

Alcohol Ink:

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Let’s Resin 720z fast cure is

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Let’s Resin white alcohol ink (C deeper):

Let’s Resin 450ml silicone cup:

Let’s Resin 26 colors ink set:

Let’s Resin resin tape:

Let’s Resin collector mat:

Liquid Mirror Chrome Metallic Marker:

Let’s Resin Cutting Board HDPE mold:

Intense chameleon powder:
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99% Alcohol:

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Large Disposable Mixing Cups:

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Silicone Tool:

Craft Knife:

Deburring Tool:

Lets Resin – Resin Curing Machine:

Tumbler Turner:

Mini Torch:

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Mica Spoon: KN10425


Alcohol Bottle Dispenser:

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  1. From the view it look like a poinsettia. Pretty.

  2. Looks like a poinsettia. It's pretty. I just tried a bloom for the first time, and although I have learned very well from you, I have to practice much more to get these down! It's definitely not as easy as you make it look!😂

  3. Oh wow I love it. Yes I like better without lid. You do great things with resin

  4. Im just watching this video. Sad to say, Ebay says its no longer available. Will there be more later on? ❤

  5. Great project for Christmas poinsettias!

  6. Love, love, love it! Maybe we can try one with a green glitter. 😮

  7. Been watching you and then other artist are trying it so as one I guess I will be next lol keep up the good work

  8. Very pretty. Christmas themed for sure. Great petals. ❤❤❤ the colors. 🥰

  9. Very pretty. Christmas themed for sure. Great petals. ❤❤❤ the colors. 🥰

  10. Beautiful! Reminded me of a poinsettia right away. However, I liked the black personally because it made the white pop. But regardless, it turned out wonderful!❤❤❤

  11. Michelle this mold is gorgeous. I love your bloom and the others are adorable. Such pretty colors. ❤❤❤❤❤. I love bonus. Red is beautiful and glad you selected that red.

  12. It's gorgeous! And yes, it does look like a Christmas flower 🎉🎉🎉

  13. Reminds me of a flower in the middle of snow covered trees

  14. Hey Michelle, just wondering have u ever tried or seen another resin artist use Cast n Craft Pearl in place of their traditional white pigment paste?I realize u didn’t use their white in todays bloom video however I do see a lot of other artist use cast n craft white mixed with blanco/white alcohol ink combined for their blooms. I bought cast n craft white for my ocean pour art pieces & saw they sold a Pearl too & I haven’t gotten around to trying it as of yet but it’s driving me crazy that I’ve never seen anyone else test the Pearl In their videos but specifically I want to know if it would work & give a unique effect to a 3D Bloom!? I haven’t done a bloom yet & I don’t want my 1st one to be a flop if I experiment with the Pearl, so I thought I’d ask a professional!!

  15. Hi Michelle, ty for sharing it beautiful. Question where did u get the orange thermometer at? Ty have a crafty day 😊😊😊❤❤❤

  16. The coaster turned out beautiful! It looks like a poinsettia. Great job! Thank you. 💗

  17. It’s so beautiful! I love it for Christmas 🎄

  18. The red glitter back for the bloom really works for me! Very Cheery 🎄
    They all look great. I would totally go with autumnal colors for the "wood" coaster; it's cool looking.
    I am still learning new things from you every time I watch; little things you say in passing make me think, oh yeah, that's brilliant!

  19. Hey Michelle! Thanks so much for adding the link to the brush cleaning sponge! I swear I’ve looked at 15 dollar trees and hadn’t seen it yet. You’re a gem!

  20. Just bought your mold. Your bloom is gorgeous😊

  21. All awesome
    And the one looks like a poinsettia

  22. Ohhhh Love it…I was voting on the green background but the red glitter made it very christmasy. Great job Michelle! 🌹

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