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3 UV Resin Open Bezel Techniques To Learn! So Fast & So Easy!

Glitz N’ Glitter By Michelle
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  1. 3 beautiful effects Michelle I love them ❤❤❤

  2. Hi Michelle I'm new to your channel. I been really enjoying all your projects. I just ask to join your facebook group.
    All the bezels are beautiful!!!!

  3. Love all 3. Especially the one with the dolphin.

  4. Love it. You can get a little torch lighter from the $Store or gas station

  5. All 3 are uniquely cool on their own. I’ve got to give these a try! Thank you.

  6. Gorgeous pendants. ❤ all 3 versions. 🥰 truly beautiful. Can’t pick a fav as loved all of them.

  7. They're all so pretty, simple yet elegant. Thank you for sharing ❤

  8. Thanks so much. I’m planning to tackle some bezels tomorrow. These are lovely.

  9. Very pretty! My favorite is the flowers. Cool effect with the water though. After a month+ of research, I’ve finally decided which resin brand I want from each type. Hoping to order today. If anyone has a Hobby Lobby in their area, check your mold department ASAP! I got several molds regularly $9.99-16.99 for $.99-2.49! They also had Pearl Ex powder sets from $24.99 to $9.99 and mold release for $2.49. Just a heads up 😊 TFS Michelle! ❤

  10. with UV resin,you don't need 1 to 1ratio??

  11. They're all very pretty. 😁👍 I might have done a few things differently but that's the beauty of DIY, right? 😅 When you make things, you do it to your own tastes. 😉

    Honestly, the changes I would have made are minor. For example, I actually love the look of the blue one best but I almost like the effect better from the back. I probably would have done the sparkle layer first or right after the colors. Alternatively, done the white and drops first and then the sparkle and the colors on top. The effect wouldn't change too much, just that it would put emphasis on different parts. I just like the effect of almost looking through sea glass that the first layer gives when on top. That's just personal taste though. 😊

    Thanks for sharing! 😁

  12. How long do you keep them under the UVLamp

  13. They are all lovely but I especially like the blue one.

  14. Thank you Michelle my name is Melissa cutter❤

  15. I talked to you on your live video I’m from Wooster ohio

  16. I absolutely love everything you do. I’ll look forward to always looking through my subscription and seeing that you’ve got something new . You do great work.

  17. I would love to see something done and Seaglass

  18. Absolutely gorgeous love all of them yes did learn from you thank you 🤗🤗🤗

  19. I am new to your channel. I was taught that alcohol ink fades. So, not true.

  20. Very beautiful, love all 3 of them and the different techniques makes them special. Keep creating ✨️ 😊

  21. They are all so very very beautiful. My fave is the last one. ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊🐾🐾🐾🐾🐕🐕

  22. So cool! Love the bubble effect with the clear! Going to have to try this! Thank you!~

  23. Thank you so much Michelle, they are so pretty, I think the sea theme is my favourite.

  24. All turned out really pretty and the water effect is cool.

  25. They look amazing I love the ocean one ❤

  26. They are all beautiful, Mt favourite is the black 😍❤

  27. They are all so pretty. I have my uv resin kit but just haven't used it yet.

  28. All three very beautiful. I cannot wait to try them myself!!!

  29. I can't decide if I like the one with the abalone shells or the dolphin one.

  30. They're lovely. I would advise caution when using alcohol inks in UV resin. It can be very finicky and if one used too much ink, it might not cure well. Looks like you got it right❤

  31. I make jewellery too. The effect of the white drops is interesting. I am going to try it.

  32. All 3 pieces turned out great. I’m a little partial to the flowers.

  33. Forcing your voice to grate is so irritating, its every few words, so not consistent, americans seem to do this alot, think its a trend that was over used a few years ago, sorry but it puts me off so I turn the volume way low so I can watch your videos which are interesting and informative.

  34. Thanks for sharing and your voice is just fine

  35. BEAUTIFUL all off them, thank you for sharing learning so much ❤❤❤

  36. These are pretty. My fav. are the abalone and the water. I wonder if that drop technique would work to make a cheetah design. Not sure how to layer the colors but that might be cool.

  37. Hi, this is my first time watching you. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you

  38. I would like you to know that watching your videos has inspired me to do more with my UV resin! Thank you . Also you mentioned at first about doming coasters – do you use a UV with coasters – to dome ? Is it heat resistant ? Sorry this should prob be asked in a different video. 😊

  39. They are all beautiful ❤ I had to finish watching today because my precious pup had heart failure 😢 I'm so devastated. Please pray my heart mends. She was only 7. 😢😢😢

  40. Now, when doming a U.V. piece like this, are you going over the bezel on purpose for adhesion?

  41. If you're only going to be doing a lot of doming, do you use a certain higher viscosity resin? Is there a resin that's thicker that you prefer to dome with only? I have several pieces I need to finish up – but with doming only. I was going to use the Let's Resin Fast Cure because it's thicker but was wondering if you had a favorite?

  42. They are all so beautiful ❤️. I'm just starting… And you have shown me so much so far with just this video 💓 thank you 😊 I can't wait to explore more of your videos and see new upcoming ones ❣️

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