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This video will (maybe) teach you 5 advanced spinner tricks

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Trick names:
#1 Sunshine Switch
#2 Australian Bounce
#3 Plasma Bounce
#4 Lazer Spin
#5 Bubble Flip


Fidget spinners are great for doing tricks, but also just spinning them for fun, they are a great fidget toy and are becoming more popular every day

I have more fidget spinner videos on my channel, make sure to check them out as well.

If you read all the way here comment: “I read it all”



  1. I read it all. Please link music in description

  2. wow! u have got great skills buddy! but i coudnt do none of them! the background is awesome! and ur house is really beautiful! make more vids!

  3. Very nice best of all go on you are the best

  4. try to flip the spinner around while spinning

  5. the fidget spinner tricks are very very hard you know and I don't know how to do it as well.

  6. İ hope you’ll be 1m sub in this year

  7. Вы все англичаний

  8. Can you tell me song name. Plz. Bro 😊😊

  9. But all I have to say the video is too good. I like it. 😎👍🌐

  10. Please tell me how to do the grab switch trick with spinner

  11. you rock even your figdet spinner

  12. Australian Bounce I've do it in one try and I was shocked

  13. Your good man. I've been seriously trying these and so far. It's all a no go… But I'll see ya soon.lol

  14. Wow, u r amazing. Could you do a Demonstration on these tricks, pls????

  15. Hey people from India is watching your vids🤗

  16. I was 3 when those were a big thing now im 9 and i have one and play with it everyday

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