# 511 - 🌺 Bloom Blow out with a hair dryer! 🤩 Check out the results! Acrylic Pouring - famousescapegames.com

# 511 – 🌺 Bloom Blow out with a hair dryer! 🤩 Check out the results! Acrylic Pouring

Kanella Ciraco Art
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Video posted on November 9, 2022

Well this was fun and interesting! I am definitely going to be trying this again! Practice makes perfect right?

Colours used on 12″ round:
Base – Anchor’s Aweigh by Sherwin Williams Color To Go
Golden Peach – TLP
Dioxazine Purple – Atelier
Fairy Floss – TLP
Lemon Sorbet – TLP
Permanent Red Violet – Amsterdam
Supernova – TLP
Venus – TLP
Cell Activator – Oxide Black

Colours used on 8×24″ Canvas:
Base – Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams Color To Go
Sangria – TLP
Dioxazine Purple – Atelier
Nightfall – TLP
Agapanthus – TLP
Harvest Gold – TLP
Enchantment – TLP

Dioxazine Purple – Atelier
Lemon Sorbet – TLP
Quinacridone Magenta – Atelier
Frost – TLP
Enchantment – TLP

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  1. Wow, both the round and the canvas are so pretty. You are too critical of yourself but hey maybe that’s why every piece of art you create is beautiful and unique! I LOVE the husky and bear resin pieces! Very fun, can’t wait to see your creations of the other molds 😃 have a safe, fun filled trip to Texas and back.

  2. I think you did great! Very beautiful!!

  3. I love watching you practise your blooms. I’m. Not sure how much room you have under your spinner, but you can attach a paint stick or popsicle stick to the bottom to use to spin the spinner if you have the room. And if you torch house paint you can get a skin on top I’ve learned the hard way when I first tried it lol. Sometimes when you screw up, you don’t have to scrape it especially with black base you could add a pillow of black on top then add colours again. I do think tilting it would have worked better since spinning lost a lot of the pretty stuff, but tilting is another thing that needs practise. Lol. and the other thing maybe is to have the blooms closer even touching or overlapping when u blow it out. Love the colours

  4. Kanella, the round one is gorgeous, so is the big canvas. as another lady I follow says, “your painting your rules” love the colors. FYI I got my big metal cake spinner from Amazon for about $40 US.

  5. A Jeremy spin. Oh, wait, no his painting went across the room, lol. I think you need a little bigger puddle (on the round) so you won't have as much negative space. I've heard the puddle should be about 1/3 of the canvas size. Don't be nervous, sweetie. It's just paint and you're still learning. They're little round dutch pours, lol. Yes, I want to see you do more. The colors and sparkle and lacing are beautiful. Keep going, sweetie, the composition will come. xoxoxoxox

  6. Love them both. Fantastic colours. You also had me in hysterical laughter 😃.

  7. I would drive the 4 hours to do the classes unfortunately I’m way further away 😢 so when are you all coming to Australia, you could do a group booking 4 or 5 artists and families 🥰🥰

  8. Long canvas looks awesome.
    I tired the bloom in your Dutch pour style and it came out quite alright for a first go. Would love to see you do your classic Dutch poor bloom style. Dutch bloom pour 😊

  9. nice colours…. i think one thing karen does is she joins the blooms together … using the squigglies..(deconstruction) part…. well done Kanella

  10. Kanella, thanks for sharing your experiences along the way. It's very inspirational by showing persistence eventually produces amazing art! Why don't you do a Bloom Dutch Pour by making your last color the bloom color? I would think you would be awesome at that. Lucky you – going to Dallas. 😀

  11. Kanella you did a spectacular work 👏👏👏

  12. I love it I think it turned out so pretty you did a great job your first time.

  13. Great experiment…both are beautiful ❤❤the shimmer is unreal!

  14. I watched some painted dreamer videos and Jody helped me huge with my blooms.

  15. Question for you: did you scape the edges along the bottom so the paint on the sides doesn't pull the paint on the top off and/or change your result? Also, where did your "cell activator" come from?

  16. love them love waching your channel yes hope to see more blooms

  17. ❤❤love it, colours & shimmer awesome. I see Erica Hughes has a great spinner for all shape canvases😊

  18. You are very rude sometimes telling your followers whether you like it or not. Is it my choice or drive to me? I guess your ego has grown since you have 100 thousand followers, now you think you can tell off people by being rude and sarcastic, doesn't work that way lady who made you where you stand now? Asking crap for your kids and things like that? Really? Be kind, friendly, and happy to be doing art, and it is not too hard to be nice.

  19. You can get a spinner off of Amazon aluminum one. For I think around 40 bucks.

  20. I really like that you are doing a different style.

  21. Beautiful–I live less than 100 miles from Dallas, but I'm 85, and don't drive. If my husband were still alive (he passed away two years ago)–he would have been only too willing to drive me (he would have found something else to do while I was learning!) I hope you enjoy Texas (I'm a Brit myself–a transplanted English Rose!) I am trying so hard to end up with paintings as gorgeous as yours. Thank you for your wonderful videos.

  22. So pretty! Love the cells and the colors. Great job.

  23. Try double sided tape to hold the painting on so you can spin better.

  24. I think it’s beautiful and I love the colors and composition. It looks great!

  25. They're both absolutely beautiful! We're our "own worst critics" ~ I love your videos & one day I'll get brave & give a small canvas a go at the blooms. I've only done one acrylic pour in a class, but loved it! Have a wonderful time in Dallas & safe trip ~ your videos are a blessing! 💞🙏😃👍👏👏👏

  26. I really love the fact that you have the confidence to try different techniques and do it with all of us watching. Kudos 👏 to you and I think they are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the next video.

  27. Didn’t know your site was also a dating site! Some man is trying to pickup women through the comments they left for you, lol. Not very creative either he left identical pickup line for all of them. I think your painting turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing your first time doing this technique on a large canvas. I learn more from a pour that doesn’t turn out exactly how the artist intended than those that turn out perfectly every time. Eg you mention next time you are not going to spread pillow out so much. I still think your end results were stunning and am looking forward to seeing you do more of this style of pour.

  28. Love, love, love your ideas. Keep in mind, "It is not a mistake, it is a change of design!" And I like watching you because no one will get it perfect every time, we are human. You try things and we may not like it, so we just know not to do it and if we want to try something else. You give us ideas and it is up to us to change or not change to make it our own design. Keep doing what you're doing.

  29. Gorgeous! I think for first time and playing around, you did a great job. Perhaps on the long canvas, maybe overlap the blowouts some. ie overlap some of the petals to get the more stretched effect you are looking for. And if you want to wreck some of your design, go for it. You are learning and it is your artwork. Make YOU happy. Great job Kanella. 💕😊💕🤗 Yes more long canvases please. What happened to your cake spinner?

  30. Are those quarts? Home hardware has their brand for $9.99

  31. You had me cracking up. 😊 This turned out beautifully. Reminds me of Mardi Gras. I’m sure people have mentioned this, but if you get two thin boards and crisscross them to put on your spinner under the canvas. I’ve seen allot of people use them. Love your videos. Keep up the beautiful work. ❤

  32. It is Cities and Town in Texas. I live in Marion Tx. and would love to see you also. But 4 hrs is a good drive for us. I live 30 min. from San Antonio. You should think about it.

  33. Both blooms are beautiful
    That's another one 1⃣I've only dabbled with do to limited with space. You did beautifully.

  34. I really like it and sometimes if you want to stretch out the cells if there's enough paint on there you could use a pallet knife and come up underneath it and stretch it out a little bit maybe I was watching winter strom do that technique with amongst other things and get really cool results along with Molly's artistry using that technique too it all turns out really cool as did yours

  35. Those are absolutely stunning!! Maybe one day I'll be able to come even close to the beautiful paintings you put out.

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