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618发 迈巴赫s600 (鑫祥烟花) 完整视频
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  1. Vibrant colors like the fact that it shoots in a timely fashion not quick shots like other ones that finishes fast. Seems like it's more than 618 shots.

  2. How much that one cost? You can't be broke if you wanna buy this one.😂

  3. Yea I bet you had to trade your Ferrari for it

  4. I’d hate to see the price tag on that,,, maybe that’s why it says maybach

  5. That was impressive. Making shows so much easier. I put on 30 minute shows using 8 people. Can imagine what this one piece cost. Have one of these, a Stairway to Heaven would be a great finale.

  6. One of the "Single" Longest An Best Firework 🎇🎆 Cake i ever seen

  7. You like crackling effects don't you Squidward 😏

  8. Better than some professional shows I've seen

  9. great cake how do i get 1 of them

  10. And they said redneckery only existed in parts of usa ❤❤❤😊😊

  11. Hands down,China puts on the best fireworks shows.

  12. No one Fuhks with the Asians when it comes to fireworks 💥!!!

  13. Cut the BS 😳 How Much⁉️I would save up a whole year worth just to get it‼️ that's the only thing I would NEEDDD 💥💪🏼😎

  14. Holy shyt! That was incredible!! I could only imagine the cost!

  15. Yall do know you can make your own with a huge piece of plywood, screws, glue, and fuses. Also use foil to prevent the other fireworks from going off early incase any sparks😁

  16. I like the one shoot one by one close to end all shooting at same time grand final been trying to find it for long

  17. Nice!!! Is this available for purchase???

  18. Dis is beautiful and perfect I want one of these

  19. How much are these and can u get these in the US?

  20. If anybody could find this please reply

  21. How much so I can start making payments on it now for 2025 😆 🤣

  22. 1 thing I will say about china and or japan, nobody, and I mean nobody, does fireworks like them…. And I’m a pyro head from the USA

  23. If you pause the video in the right spot it’s not 1 cake.

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