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A Quick Look at the new Dr Suess Tables from AT Games

Digital Victory
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“I will pick up the hook.
you will see something new.
two things. and i call them
Thing One and Thing Two!”

Join me for my first playthrough of the new table pack: “Dr Suess” on the AT Games Legends Pinball table.

They can be found here:

PC Specs:
Intel Core i5-10500KF
8GB memory
nVidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER

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  1. Thanks!Great video Ed! I am still on the fence about buying them, just because I have bought every magic pixel table on the whole legends and steam. And they are all just the same table with lots of flippers, and the same voice narrator saying “combo” 😆 But I think I’ll just buy them to try them out and support Atgames and magic pixel. Great video bud!

  2. This might seem like a stupid question but do these table ONLY work on a LEGENDS PINBALL only or can they work on any virtual pinball? as they seem pretty good tables.

  3. Thank you for the quick look, this is helpful since I am considering buying this pack

  4. Can these be installed on any PC based Vpin?

  5. Where is the select for the morning/night modes?

  6. How do you get the upper playfield on cat and the hat? Maybe you can do a table guide? Grinch is the stand out.

  7. Another great video sir , great game play , thank for sharing.

  8. You look at the Zacaria Remakes, to the Zacaria Deluxes, to Taito, to Natural History to Dr Seuss and you see Magic Pixel is becoming a very skilled digi pinball studio and their games run well on the ALP native hardware. Magic Pixel's recent tables remind me of modern Jersey Jack tables.

  9. Just as with the other recent reviews the ball seems too bouncy around the outlane rails, this also applies to the Natural History tables. It seems to be in Magic Pixel's DNA to have crowded tables with too many flippers and multiple levels so you can't make out what level you are on, the table that works the best is Spooky Deluxe, one level and two flippers.

  10. Fun video and fun tables. I picked them up last night and had the same issue G Parker had with them on my Legends Gamer Pro. A firmware update fixed it and we are up and running. I agree with your rankings so far. I like the Grinch best, then Cat in the Hat, then Fox in Sox.

  11. How are you using those light strips near the AtGames logo, I would love to do that myself

  12. Great Video DV! IMO probably the best tables they created so far. Love the callouts and the tables are really fun to play. You have a lot of leds in your room, try playing in the dark with the night mode. Good for an ambiance feel. lol

  13. Can you tell me about the lights around your backbox? Are those sound sensitive? Please provide what they are called and where you bought them from if possible. Thanks!

  14. Kongs r us is talking about favorite arcade1up cabinets if you're interested.

  15. Can u play these on the legends Ultimate arcade?

  16. Has anyone else been having problems with getting the online leaderboards to load for the Seuss games? Mine just keep saying it can't connect to the server. All my other tables with online leaderboards are fine so it is not a connection issue on my end.

  17. I purchased but it won't play when I hit start…all my other tables play fine…all 3 tables are on here and I can see the full game just when I hit start it does nothing..any ideas…also I feel like the firmware has been the same for a long time.. version 40.50.0…I. logged in and online because everything downloaded..any help or customer service #s you know of?

  18. I have a question about some of the pinball games that self tilt. It's a real bummer, but not sure why a few built in games just tilt automatically without touching any buttons. That's kind of messed up.

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