Acrylic Pouring Fiona Flowers | Beginners Tutorial | Fluid Art Painting -

Acrylic Pouring Fiona Flowers | Beginners Tutorial | Fluid Art Painting

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Today’s video is some acrylic pouring Fiona flowers. A test run to make sure I have the OBS problem fixed. I am still going live tonight at 7 PM EST for my live.

I go live every Saturday 6 PM CT doing acrylics and I do giveaways in the chat. Every Tuesday, I go live at 6 PM CT.

Acrylic Pouring Fiona Flowers | Beginners Tutorial | Fluid Art Painting

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Colors & Materials Used:
12″X12″ canvas (Michaels)
10″X10″ canvas (Michaels)
8″X8″ Canvas (Michaels)
Mont Marte Studio Acrylic Magenta ( )
Amsterdam Reflex Rose ( )
Amsterdam Venetian Rose ( )
Amsterdam Persian Rose ( )
Amsterdam Payne’s Grey ( )
Amsterdam Silver Metallic ( )
Amsterdam Quinacradone Rose Light ( )
Amsterdam Greyish Blue ( )
Michaels CraftSmart Glue
Pouring Medium is 60% glue and 40% water.
All paints are mixed 1 part paint to 3 parts glue pouring ing medium. White Pearl mix is mixed 1 part Amsterdam Titanium White to 2 parts Vallejo Pearl Medium to 4 parts pouring.
Any questions, please leave them down in the comments.

Products & Tools I Use All The Time:

Hands Off! Handles Acrylic Paint Pouring Handles ( )

Butane Torch ( )

FROGTAPE Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape ( )

Glad Press ‘n Seal Wrap ( )

BloominGoods Linen-Feel Dinner Napkins (17″ x 17″) ( )

200 Linen-Feel Luncheon Paper Napkins (13″ X 13″) ( )

OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner, Silicone ( )

Plastic 2 oz.Condiment Cups with Attached Leak Resistant Lid ( )

5.5 oz. Plastic Disposable Cups With Lids( )

150 Pack MINI Makeup Spatulas ( )

Bekith 30 Pack 4oz Boston Dispensing Bottles ( )

12Pcs 4oz Clear Plastic Condiment Bottle ( )

200 Pcs Craft Sticks ( )

Jumbo craft sticks 6″ length (Pack of 100) ( )

12” Cake Turntable ( )

Berta Travel Mini Hair Dryer ( )

Floetrol Pouring Medium for Acrylic Paint ( )

Elmer’s Glue-All ( )

Flood E B Emulsa Bond ( )

Elmers Liquid School Glue ( )

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  1. Really pretty paintings Doris. I will definitely try to make it to your live tonight. I am so glad you fixed the bugs with the video. 🤗 hugs my friend.

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