Adventure OVERLOAD in the Blue Ridge Mountains -

Adventure OVERLOAD in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Creek Fishing Adventures
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This was an incredible day to be kayaking in Virginia. Not because of how good the fishing was, but because of the scenery, the experience and the joy of going somewhere brand new without knowing what lies ahead.


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  1. Pretty sure this is the last stretch of the Cowpasture River into the James. Always good fishing 😎

  2. You might want to get an inflatable kayak for some of these streams you guys are doing.

  3. Well done fellas, looks dangerous and fun at the same time lol.

  4. I hope you catch a bass fatter than a guy that drinks 35 big reds a day John good luck congrats on the native brookies man!

  5. You need to start telling your viewers exactly where you are.. Not just “Oklahoma”, “Tennessee”, ”Virginia”.. etc. Doesn’t do no good to list all the bait and tackle you’re using, and this and that unless you tell them where to use them.. My Uncle watches your videos, but I told him, that’s why I don’t..You could be somewhere where 2, or 3 rivers are in very close proximity to each other, but what the fish are hitting in one of those rivers may not be what they want in either of the others.. That’s common sense.. Where you are should be one of the first 3 things you tell people, if your motive is to teach people how to fish. but you have to teach them how to fish “where”.. Go watch Richard Gene the Fishing Machine, you could likely learn a few things.. His specific location, and tackle go hand in hand.. I don’t mean to be harsh, but the tackle you listed isn’t universal, it doesn’t catch fish everywhere.. Tell people where you’re using that tackle..

  6. Brilliant videos and very entertaining. One question: how do you go back to you car at the end of the day ? Downstream is easy but upstream no so much

  7. God I miss VA!
    The SC low country sucks for freshwater fishing, heck even being outside at all sucks, the bugs are murderous!

  8. What creek? I live in the Blue Ridge

  9. You need to try a 3 inch jerk bait they slay em on the pause

  10. Do you add your own plastics to the spinner baits or do you buy them that way? Looked like you had a boot tail added to it or something?

  11. I’m from Virginia, born and raised, I love it here, it’s a beautiful state, lots of adventures to be had!!

  12. Beautiful, just plain beautiful. I lived in Lynchburg and fished the James River but never in a Kayak. Live in Illinois now and if I had my choice I'd definitely move back to Virginia. Great video and a great float through some of God's country. Thank you for sharing. I need to get out on some of the rivers here in Illinois on my kayak now.

  13. Excellent video as always. Gotta have you join me down in east TN a the Noli……. river to catch some smallies sometime.

  14. I deserve some free hellgramite’s bro 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  15. Man theres some killer LMB and SMB fishing all over that area. I used to live in Loudoun county VA and fish the shennandoah and potomac rivers. They are great fishing. We used to get in the blue ridge down in Bath county VA for native trout in streams. Back in the mid 1990s. Would love to get back down there some day.

  16. I'm going to get my dinner, come back and watch this video.

  17. Since you’re in Virginia, you should try the Clinch river in Scott County!

  18. I’m here fishing the Shenandoah River this week. Let’s go!

  19. Tge year I have struggled with the bass fishing.

  20. I was up in the Bristol area yesterday. Have you ever fished the Watauga river over there? It looked really good to me. Great video, John. Thank you.

  21. Props on the awesome kayak river fishing skills. Smart move breaking your line quickly. 😎👍

  22. that last set of rapids will keep you focused on the Lord. Thanks for Sharing John.

  23. Great video and great adventure! Beautiful place. Thanks for sharing and taking us on this adventure. Keep up the great work! And as always, #CreekFishingAdventures rocks!!!

  24. That ain't no bonafide kayak I am a proud owner of a crescent og light tackle live life in the current 👍

  25. Must be the "New River " ie. SMB and Muskies

  26. You gotta hit that area during summer low water. It’s awesome so is the Potomac river

  27. On many levels, this one was arguably one of your best, John. BTW, was that the Cowpasture River? I missed where you said you were.

  28. I always enjoy your videos, and this was no exception! Having a good bit of whitewater experience, I don’t believe I would make that run on a sit-on-top. Nope, just wouldn’t. Glad you got back safe.

  29. Cool video. A beautiful location. God bless you and your family and your friends…🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  30. That was an adventure that I wouldn't like, that was some rough & fast moving water that's why the bite was not that great is my guess, but is was exciting to watch you & your friends do it! You be careful, John!👍🎣

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