Angry Birds Plush: Bubbles' Candy Problem -

Angry Birds Plush: Bubbles’ Candy Problem

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Bubbles eats too much candy.


  1. My mom made me get rid of all my angry birds and i could only keep a little so i kept my two angry birds space plushes and my two angry birds star wars plushes and a normal pig but i really miss my giant red bird plush but luckly i found a red plush at a thrift store i really miss them

  2. Haven't watched you channel for 4 years I'm looking back at you now and you look really not the same as the youtuber I know before, the entertaining man who made Angry Birds Epic videos with the monkey plushy. I hope that it is not about you probably giving up on youtube but I really miss OG BanjoVideos.
    Long live the pigs who went to the park!

  3. Silver: can I have a piece ?

    Bubbles: noooo!

    Silver:*eats anyways*

  4. Hehe that’s so angry birds cartoon related! Bubbles loves candy 🍭 🍬

  5. I know the candy that was hid under the mug that Bubbles ate.

  6. птицы научились готовить

  7. Is this the teach kids to eat healthy

  8. Why bubbles eating too much candy he will broke her teeth

  9. 3:55 бабблз и голубая птица смешно

  10. Jeremiah's Transporting and Simulation says:

    Terrific job with your work as always Banjo.

  11. bubbles cant be fat i think 🤔 i mean… when he explodes or deflates (he pops or explodes in 2 btw) wouldnt he lose alot of fat?

  12. As a bubbles fan, yea he’s addicted to candy

  13. I am a candy lover and I am selfish

  14. I love candy's too just like bubbles

  15. Seas candy are good but eating candy in am can give stomach hurt

  16. if he eats too many candys he’s going get fat

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