Animal Well Goes Deeper Than I Thought... -

Animal Well Goes Deeper Than I Thought…

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I decided to come back to Animal Well after having a great time reaching the first ending. Of course, I had no idea at the time how much more was still left uncovered. Join me on my adventure deeper into the well, to find even more secrets and discover what happens when you collect every single egg.

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  1. This is so satisfying to watch, Skurry discovering the secrets and solving puzzles as they're intended! Great work :3

  2. this games puzzles are so good i watched this video and debunked that one egg lines song <3

  3. even after the ending, true ending and absolute ending (calling it that to prevent spoilers). I still feel like there's more to this game, perhaps a fifth layer

  4. Crazy that they got the duck bunny BEFORE EVEN 32 EGGS

  5. gosh this game is so cool- may I recommend Fez to yall? It's a 2.5d (look up the game you'll see what I mean) platformer made in 2013 with tons of similar secrets and such. I think anybody in this community would enjoy it even if Skurry doesn't play it

  6. This game has so many levels.
    1. Getting to the end
    2. Eggs
    3. Bunny's
    4. ???

  7. You should look up how to get the final secret and play it just for yourself, it really is something special.

  8. "I'm reading too much into it" except you're literally not reading into it enough

  9. i'd love to see you speedrun this at some point

  10. Everytime Scurry does "WHAT?" I imagine Tails from Snapcube's playthrough of "The murder of Sonic The Hedgehog" except instead of tails it's Scurry's oc 😁

  11. Animal Well rated 16 whats out of 16! Glad to see you played more!

  12. Respectfully, will not be watching so I can play it myself blind. But I HOPE IT WAS FUN!!

  13. next time find all the bunnies and complete layer 3 pls

  14. Now find the headphones. WITHOUT looking up how.

  15. Great video!!!
    Also Congrats on 300k!!!!!

  16. Skurry- “Why are you in my house.. Why are you in my house??”
    The connected rooms- “We want waffle fries.”

  17. the amounts of WHAT? that skurry said in this video: x16

  18. Someone needs to do a "whaaat" counter for this video alone

  19. 9:13 I don’t know why but the way they said “REMOTE?? For the TV?!?” is stuck in my head i can’t stop saying it lol

  20. Your first Animal Well video was so interesting, I'm so glad you played more of the game! It was super fun to watch and I definitely went WHAAAAT a few times too 🙂

  21. 3:44

    It just occurred to me that image is the rabbit/duck optical illusion

  22. Imma be honest this game has a terrible arts style. Why is this the new big metroidvania

  23. Who said you 100%ed it?


  24. 38:39 My head cannon is that manticores in animal well are born without a soul and you play as a wittle soul glob, and when you get eaten by the manticore, you become it's soul

  25. You should do the clock challenge. Thats actually perfect for you. Also find all the bunnies is also so interesting

  26. I've never heard Skurry being this confused haha.

  27. So what was the deal with the wall of eggs?

  28. sometimes it feels like there are a bunch of hungry Jawas in the chat demanding EGG

  29. Initially I thought the game was unbalanced with all the op items you get given, but I now realise that with the amount of shit there is to do you may as well just give the player everything they could ever ask for, it's gonna take them forever to find everything anyway

  30. Hello Skurry! This is day 1 of me asking you to play Monster Hunter Stories 2 because of your love of eggs. I think you would enjoy it! Anyway, I love your content! Keep up the great work!

  31. The lines on the eggs has to be something, and I really want to know.

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