Ark Spin Wheel Picks Our Tames Then We Battle! -

Ark Spin Wheel Picks Our Tames Then We Battle!

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Today im joined by @Raasclark in an epic challenge where a spin wheel picks 6 tames for us to get and then we battle them out and the winner is the one with tames left!


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  1. Hi veno I'm first to comment i love you you are great

  2. I'm really enjoying these challenges you and Raas are doing, very fun ideas! I hope there are more to come

  3. Those low levels in your first tames were brutal.

  4. Omg someone else who says douchenozzle?! I thought I was alone 😂

  5. Super cool idea hope to see it on fjiordior hopefully

  6. I’ve seen this with Pokémon but this is more entertaining given it’s Ark 😆

  7. Please do another Hunting video like that one with TheAxeMan. That video was ledgendary

  8. You should do a competition to get as many reaper kings as possible then just have a blood bath and be able to shoot at them, last reaper standing wins. The field should be covered with bear traps land mines and other stuff just to add to the chaos, and have some plant species on the side except for the healer. lol

  9. shoulda done this on rag but it was fun reliving the struggle of finding some of those tames

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