Ashford Country Spinner 2 - Go Big or Go Home -

Ashford Country Spinner 2 – Go Big or Go Home

Rehash Fiber
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An up close look and discussion of the details of the spinning wheel. Stay till the end and learn more about some future goals we can all take part in.

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  1. Have you made a comparison video with your wheels? Do you prefer the E spinner?

  2. from Gerry- I just bought the Ashford jumbo e-spinner. I have been spinning for 16 years but I find this to be challenging. So far I made a pretty good single. I can see more in my future. Now I am working on a core spun for the first time. I do like this because I can make the bobbin go very slow. I need practice on a regular spun yarn because the fiber was pulling out of my hand. Anyway, I am very excited for you and all the great things you have planned for this year. Looking forward to many videos. ( I make knitted, felted totes to use up my extra wool yarn.) Blessings.

  3. I managed to buy mine on ebay after looking for about 4 years. I bought already set up from a spinner who also processes fiber. I was very lucky that the lady lived a short drive from my mother so it was delivered there. I hope to buy a standalone lazy Kate so I can ply off of my spinolution pollywog bobbins.

  4. I have one and love it! But holy cow is the pull horrid!

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