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AtGames Legends Pinball Micro Review!

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—-Today’s video is my full review for the AtGames Legends Pinball Micro – the latest virtual pinball machine recently released from AtGames as part of their Legends Arcade Family Of Products. This device retails for $449 and is loaded with features and 50 included games and the ability to play upwards of 150 Games natively on the AtGames ecosystem as well as the ability to connect your PC or other devices such as a Steam Deck to play Virtual Pinball and Future Pinball. Let’s check it out!


Order ALP Micro Here:

This ultimate, compact connected pinball machine features a premium 15.6” playfield for full 1080p 60fps virtual pinball gaming and a high-quality 8” backglass LCD. The large selection of 50 built-in pinball tables delivers big fun. Connectivity makes adding even more games easy and enables online multiplayer gaming, leaderboards, and exclusive features and content.
– Compact Home Digital Pinball Platform featuring authentic flippers and nudges. Easy set up.
– 50 Tables built-in including Zaccaria’s deluxe tables, TAITO’s Space Invaders™, Bubble Bobble™ & Arkanoid™, and so much more!
– ArcadeNet® is the AtGames streaming service that provides access to over 200 arcade, console, and pinball games. Legends Arcade device owners get 1 month FREE to try it out!
– Connectivity – Easy hook up to your home Wi-Fi or Ethernet to enjoy ArcadeNet®, BYOG™, free updates, multiplayer, lobby, friends list, voice chat, global leaderboards, and downloadable content.
– Unlimited Family Entertainment & Events – Join free weekly happy hours for online party play and the free biannual National Owners Day (NOD) festivals.
– Immersive Pinball Experience 15.6” HD LCD Playfield, 8” LCD Backglass, stereo speakers, haptic feedback, and nudge sensor. Stunning 1080p HD visuals and 60fps pinball gameplay.
– BYOG™ is the AtGames cloud gaming service. Play your PC games library on the Legends Pinball Micro.
– 40+ Legends Family devices, accessories, and game packs for purchase.
– 16GB system storage for enhanced performance.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Cabinet Overview
1:21 Leg Compatability
1:34 Button Quality
2:14 Speaker Quality
2:22 Lockbar & Rails
2:32 Overall Build Quality
2:48 Easy To Assemble
3:34 VIBs Compatibile (VPX/FP)
4:14 Monitor Quality
5:30 D-Pad Quality
5:59 User Interface
7:45 Gameplay Demos
9:00 Haptic Feedback/Accelerometer
9:25 Final Thoughts

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  1. Does anyone make different graphics/decals for the Micro..?

  2. Aaaaaand in Europe it is €699 = app. $765 (at the time of writing) + shipping. Probably it is parallel import with huge overhead or something. I really want it, but no thanks.

  3. Has anyone notice a weird smell from there machine 🤔

  4. Yeah – he’s back from near death to provide an excellent mini pinball review.

  5. Love this little brother of the ALP ….GREAT REVIEW . Hope you feel better bud

  6. Very disappointing the gottlieb tables aren’t standard and already included…huge mistake in my opinion. I was hoping to buy this with the 22 gottlieb tables already installed so I didn’t have to bother with the abundance of inconvenient updates

  7. I hope you and your family are feeling better

  8. Considering it's small it does pack a punch! Wish the normal MSRP was a little less but it goes on sale all the time. What do you think of the Legends Pinball Micro? Let me know below!

  9. PDubs is back Baby! I have the big one, but this one is awful darn cute. Maybe a later purchase. LOL- Still seems better than the A1Up, lowend chipset, low setting, low res pinball cabs.

  10. Interesting device but a little too pricey for what it is.

  11. The ball physics reminds me of Pinball Arcade, where the balls float quite a bit.

  12. Yes, size does matter! Next question. Don't let Mrs PDubs question your manhood 😜

  13. Great review pdubs! I pre ordered the alp micro and very excited for it. Im running out of space so this product solves that for me.

  14. If only they had given this table the same sized backglass they used on the ALP, I'd have gone for it. There's no way I can see an 8" backglass. LOL I can't even see target fonts on a 24" A1up table. Best I could do with this one, is maybe keep the ball in play as long as possible? LOL I think I'd probably just set it up in a corner for company to play with. I do have an extra set of real pinball table legs I could affix to this cute, little Vpin.

  15. In all honesty, I think that its time to move away from the 1/4 cade scene. This pinball machine seems really nice but, I bet is expensive. My next move is to get the Atgames Legends Ultimate with the quad player control panel and call it a day. The iircade doesn't seem worth it. (Slow to release GOOD games and haven't been able to play online since feature was introduced.) Arcade1up is overpriced with low quality and the list just goes on from there with them.. I barely go to my arcade anymore. Everything happening with some of these companies have made the hobby stale. This includes the infighting within the community.

  16. I’ve been enjoying this little machine. Other than the side art It has exceeded all my expectations. I’m already looking for third party side art and toppers😝

  17. This looks pretty cool actually… I’ll keep an eye for a sale in the next year or so

  18. So glad that they put the hook ups in the rear of the machine and not the bezel. Great design choice for the Mini ALP.

  19. The Micro ALP is a really sweet device, well made, great job Atgames. Now for next year blow us away with an ALP Max, with 43" Playfield, a DMD and 24" Back glass. Considering people can pick up ALP sometimes for less than 400 bucks, to me is amazing, even at a slight discount the ALP is my favorite arcade unit. If I didn't have the ALP I would def consider the ALP Micro, great view Pdubs.

  20. Great video. Does AtGames sell the legs separately?

  21. Thanks for the review. I'm on the fence. If this thing will do visual pinball or similar, it is a no 🧠er and will join my collection

  22. Excellent review on the ALPu! It's an awesome little machine, the price seems very reasonable to me given the build quality, two display panels and extendibility. Definitely looking forward to the new VIBS board for it.

  23. Great size for your night stand. You can easily add the all in one solenoid for your flipper.

  24. Great video, after your and Michael B video review I am gonna get one while on sale. I want an vvirtual pinball machine but this size is about perect since i don't have alot of room left. Btw in the video you said the link for the SEGA legs would be below butt i don't see it. Thanks again.

  25. Nice 👍 can't wait to get one and put pinball legs on the mini and slide it next to my original Atgame legend pinball machine

  26. The lack of a plunger is the reason why I said NO. Pinball with a button to shoot the ball doesn't seem like pinball. IMO

  27. If space was a constraint for me, I would def buy this, but it DOES need a plunger.

  28. Great review 👍 This is much better than I expected from a micro. I'm still holding out for something larger though. Maybe next year.

  29. Hey Hey Pdubs!! Another banger of a product review! This videos are great! For my part, being a bit of an AtGames fan, the one thing I really admire is that when they release products, they're really well made. I'd rather a company build 1 or 2 new quality products than 100 different ones with all sorts of issues. For what this is, the fit and finish appears awesome and unless I missed something, the only negative you had for it was the UI…which is software and can probably be updated by AtGames at anytime. So to me, this product is a home run for the holiday season!!

    Best Regards!

  30. Thanks for sharing this video. This artwork does look cooler on the sides compared to it's bigger brother. I would love to get the bigger version of this or even the smaller version for that matter, but the one thing that is holding me back for purchasing is the menu screen in navigating. I've watched videos on Youtube and it looks too confusing and too easy to screw up. So I'll wait till they make that better. Also, if you're having a hard time reading alphanumeric displays or you want the backglass have a larger, magnified view, may I suggest putting a Fresnel lens on the backglass. You can get magnify readers from Amazon cheaply, that'll fit on there pretty easily. It works out great. I have one on my Gottlieb Raven pinball machine. From that era, from that company, Gottlieb/Premier ended up putting in small alphanumeric displays from the mid to late 80s to cut costs. So hard to read. Now it's so easy to read. Here's the link of my custom Raven pinball machine I modified.

  31. Glad you’re feeling better! I was surprised you were so high on this tyke, but trust your review since you actually paid for it! Any whispers of a bigger ALP? Atgames came out of the shoot hot with a bigger regular arcade and definitely a better pinball, but I want the next level. New pinball tables didn’t feel next level and other than Vibbs board (mine still boxed because I don’t have a PC. I love plugging a switch via HDMI but can’t use the buttons. Are Dr. Seuss games free to owners or just half price? Have you heard about sneak peaks. Hope the family is better. You sounded good maybe you recorded prior to getting sick. Thanks for a legit review!

  32. so i pre ordered mine on the 10th how long of a wait do u think i will have?

  33. Don't hold your breath for an arcade panel upgrade. I opened up my Micro Pinball to see if that might be an option, and I was disappointed. Unlike its big brother, the D-pad in the Micro is not in a separate panel, but integrated into the frame that holds the playfield monitor. Also, there's no extra wiring to accommodate the additional functionality of a joystick and extra buttons.

    On a side note, it's also disappointing that the "plunger button" just replicates the D-pad down button. Not a whole lot of buttons to use for OTG mode.

  34. Loving mine so far. I’ve got a bigger virtual pin that I built myself in the barcade. This one is perfect for its size (great for the little kids) and “portability”- I bring it up to the office a lot.

    Now I just need some legs for it!

  35. Great review. Well worth the money. I might pick one up.

  36. I have the alp so I was planning on skipping this. Still seems like a great option for people without the space. Now you said connecting a steam deck to it? You should make a video on that for the alp then again on the mini. Would love to see how to do that.

  37. PDubs,

    I really do think this is a great looking machine, and hearing that it performs like a champ, is fantastic. I don't know if AtGames yet truly realizes the lightning in a bottle potential they have here. They brought out a great little machine, but what really excites me, is the possibility of a "Gen 2" version.

    I think the word you used, which I think sums up this product best, is "almost." I think AtGames is getting a lot of great feedback from the community, and if they take some of the best of it to action, I think they can blow away any competition in this space. I think the three following areas could put the Legends Micro Pinball over the top:

    They need a plunger. AtGames makes the best in the biz, in my opinion, and this little guy needs that love.

    The next thing, VIBS technology, as standard, with no additional parts, or install required. AtGames next iteration needs to have true HDMI ports for their monitors and for plug-in devices like PC's. If they can get this down to a true "out of the box" plug n' play solution, I think even the custom VPin companies out there would start to quake. AtGames is sitting on a potential expansion gold mine. They just need to make it more accessible to more types of people, so those with little to no knowledge of modding can easily get in.

    And finally, I think they could fit in a titch bigger monitor for the backglass. 10, maybe 12 inches, without increasing the size of the machine, it would make a big difference.

    I hope AtGames sells a lot of these first models. If all the extras I mentioned make it to a next gen model, I think their current full price point makes sense. But, I would even consider a price increase if they could make it all work seamlessly. And yes, my friend Dubs, a small controller module to add some CoinOpsX action would be some delicious icing on the cake 🙂


  38. I don’t think the size matters, but if you have a full-size one, I see no point in just more clutter now if you have a small apartment or for a kids room this may be great. Are used to buy all of this crap until I realized it went for sale real quick on eBay lol. Even mini size arcades I only collect new wave and even that sometimes I wonder why lol.

  39. Any chance you or MB or both are doing reviews of the game packs available for the Atgames Legends family? I picked up the Activision pack, the Data East Packs I am not sure but would be good to know more about them before the Black Friday event sale is over. I rather like the Activision pack for Demon Attack, Kaboom and Pitfall to name a few. I grew up with the 2600 so maybe its just for the memories.

  40. I got one to make an great couter-cade. I think the ALPmicro runs smoother and feels better stock than my ALP. It's a great item. Needs Arcade Control panel asap

  41. I would love to see this with pinball legs attached.

  42. Perfect for specific use cases (bartops), but honestly the full size is just such a great value that is worth the increased cost.

  43. The amount of detail down to making it look like bulbs are behind glass…insane!

  44. This would be great for start ups in arcade space for people who want to bring pinballs in there arcade but don’t want a real one that is why more pricy

  45. I got one of these from my brother and I really love it, however one thing I hate is having to resign in almost weekly??? Is there a way to disable that, or at the very least auto-populate the Id and password fields?

  46. Size doesn’t matter , but if you don’t have flash from 1978 with background sounds theirs no collection , my opinion sorry

  47. Is this basically just Future Pinball in a prepackaged system? And how much do additional tables cost?

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