Ballistic Gel Vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet -

Ballistic Gel Vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet

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Can a 60,000 PSI waterjet kill you? We used ballistics gel to test how dangerous it is. We also tested a pressure washer and compressed air.

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  1. No way, one million subs. Congratulations boys 🎉

  2. No way, one million subs. Congratulations boys 🎉

  3. No way, one million subs. Congratulations boys 🎉

  4. No way, one million subs. Congratulations boys 🎉

  5. Depending on the washer the more damage, my grandmother basically skinned her hand trying to clean the floor mats out of the truck we had when she was at the car wash not realizing how dangerous the nozzle is at point blank thankfully it wasn’t super bad but it did look painful!

  6. With stuff like this I wish you would collab with a physician, get an actual "doctor's" opinion of just how messed up one would be from such an incident.

  7. "Well your the one it overalls when its 95 degrees outside. NuH uH!" Is the most fluent argument I have heard. It successfully counteracts any further argumentation whilst recognizing and dissolving any prior arguments against this intelligent Individual. Truly a testament to the genius of this man.

  8. Anyone else see the paint fly off the wall at the end of the video?

  9. how stupid these behind the camera conversations are…

  10. keep your hands, feet and penis inside the ride at all times…. ok that seems like good advice.

  11. 2:24 "…that's like, a full inch…"
    low key ballistics gel fleshlight testing

  12. I was hoping they would show a slow-mo of the ballistic jell with the abrasion mode on for the water-jet to see if it sliced right through like butter (with less bubbling). But all well. 😢

  13. Weight I'm gonna toss a guess at 225-230. Don't know his height, so ya know.

  14. You should read the part of the flow manual that talks about injury with high speed sewage particles. There a card to give Drs in the operators manual.

  15. Where can we see more of this 'hairy bagel?'

  16. Without the lick test how do I know this is authentic?!

  17. I love that you're in utah!! I would love to see the shop and get some knowledge on your machine's! I find it fascinating!

  18. A weak pressure washer with a 45° nozzle will give you a friction burn. A strong one will peel your skin, and possibly slice into it.

  19. Imagine being in a submarine and a pin hole leak appeared. I wonder if that’s where the idea for a water jet came from

  20. There was a kid who put thier mouth over a compressed air nozzle in a shop class, and colapsed a lung.

  21. Nothing like cooking your thumb with MAP gas 😂

  22. Those panels are a fiberglass I believe

  23. Worked offshore on oil rigs. Never had serious failures. 5k psi systems w lots of accumulators, no pressure drop when leaks happen.
    Heard of a 1/4od tube fail w 5kpsi, the guy had a rag on the crack when it blew and launched the rag up into his forearm. Supposedly had to flay his arm open when they found it.
    Pressure and flow are both powerful on their own. Imagine 60kpsi at 5gpm.

  24. Thank you for naming your Phantom camera "Danny". Made me chuckle.

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