Beating Bubble Spinner -

Beating Bubble Spinner

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clear out the bubbles!


  1. My highest score on Bubble spinner exactly 13 years ago was 265,000+ points, and at a high level that I can't even remember, b/c I was on auto-pilot while playing, and wishing I'd lose so I could stop playing. Angles in the game we're like second nature; muscle memory. I tried for at least 4 of the last games I played in that run to flick bubbles out in random directions, but they find their mark about 98% of the time.I was addicted in 2008 through March, 2009, but haven't played it since I got that "high score". Lol

  2. ur pretty good, u need to take more risk though and look for more banking shots. I saw a couple u could've taken advantage of. banking corners accurately takes practice but man it's useful once u master it.

  3. I got 766. Previous high of 397. Addicting game.

  4. Before seeing this video, I was convinced that this game is mostly luck. Now I know it's ENTIRELY luck.

  5. yer this game is 99.99% luck lol and 0.01 skill

  6. This game must be the most infuriating game I've ever played. I can't even get over 100.

  7. how do you put the bubble exacty where you want it?

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