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Breaking a CNC Machine Spindle is a nightmare. This video will teach you how to calculate your torque and horse power. It will also give information on how some manufacturers fool you into believing their CNC Machine Spindle is better than it really is.

0:00 The “Must know” about spindles
0:26 Buying a CNC Machine
1:05 What you missed
1:33 How a CNC Spindle works
2:16 Power vs Torque & Spindle Types
2:59 Torque and Power Curves
3:43 Kennametal’s NOVO
4:42 Machine Rigidity
5:13 Best way to spend your money

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  1. Very informative video Barry, nice work!

  2. yaskswa tends to overate thier drives and motors, old hurco and Cincinnati machines are built like tanks, My cinturn 12u is 45 yrs old, no wear in the ways

  3. Teetering on clickbait here… but great video.

  4. Stop the dumbass click bait titles. I'm done watching this channel

  5. Exactly the insight I needed at the correct time. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Speed is only important is mass production shops, keeps those button pushers jumpin.

  7. I think you missed the big pink Elephant in the room if you talk to any spindle rebuild house you will find a lot more spindles have to be rebuilt due to bearing and tool taper being bad not the motor. A big reason they have as much power on their motors is it is needed for faster ramp up and down of RPM. Many of the higher RPM spindles have ceramic bearings great for high RPM not so much for rough heavy cuts. So just because you run the HP and Torque numbers and they look good does not mean you are not damaging you spindle. That is why so many company's that have to remove a lot of harder material will cut much away on a slow heavy 3 axis machine before putting part on high speed 3 or 5 axis machine.

  8. Oh No but you bearings can’t handle that load!! 😂

  9. It's duty cycles. Going over 100% spindle load just means you can only do it for a short period. I've had things that I had to run at around 120% load, but only for short bursts. No problem.

  10. When I saw the title I was like bs there is no way Barry broke a spindle already. I was right… You click baiter. You should have rick rolled us at the end.
    No mention of box way vs linear way? Only saying it because it's just as important as spindle rating when buying a new machine.

  11. Nice insert. Many buy machines without thinking about these matters.

  12. Is internship option available in your company?

  13. Nice to see you finally talking about what really matters in production machining. Don't be mislead by machine reps' on the capabilities of their machines. Do your homework, it will save you a ton of time, money and sleep. Been there and done that!

  14. I'd liked a more in-depth explanation on the spindle graphs. S1 ,S2,S3 exc….

  15. I trust that you're not going to blow up a spindle, but keep in mind that ultimately the bearings take all machine forces and the harder you run your machine, the faster the bearings are going to wear out. All that energy has to go somewhere. Heavy duty usage requires a more aggressive maintenance program.

  16. … your Titan CNC is – material fatigue – and Madonna is material girl – U must know it's fate.

  17. So, titles don’t mean anything anymore. Apparently no one knows how how to get views without being a lying POS. Sorry, I’m just sick of clicking videos and not seeing what was promised.

  18. manual feed cutting pressure? hand dial 30mm off center of 1.25mm thread pitch, 30/1.25=24x hand weight 3lb= 74lb. 3/8 bit 74lb cutting force and its making pin shards off of a 280'000psi hardened stainless surface plated strut rod… using a $84 drill press, made the rod square with cuts smaller then a basic digital micrometer can measure. set up test, hardest metal available… black oxide HSS bits do nothing to the surface coating on that stainless strut rod… HSS bit vs "mystery metal" just to see the bit melt away to nothing hardly scratching the work stock? carbide tungsten… eats it… just like my breakfast the cops took last week, too good they wanted to get some… hand slips "30lb on the feed knob" and there is 780lbs on the cutting face and the $84 drill press w/ brazed table guide grease nipples all over tension set screws springs etc. vibrates everything off the barn wall but starts making flakes not 0.00007 shards. broke a T-slot height notched mill clamp, the hardened steel teeth cracked/lost the outer steps. square 280kpsi tensile round bar. does it work?

  19. damn, i was expecting the video to start out like, so we were runnin 800ipm and a 6in d.o.c. at 10,000rpm when the spindle left the room, lmao

  20. In the video titled “I just broke my spindle,” you should probably have a part where you break your spindle.

  21. So I have a question, about spindle fretting. In our shop all our mills limiting factor is fretting. Anytime we come anywhere close to the spindles or machines limit we start to get fretting in the spindle taper, all our machines are big plus spindles and all our tooling is as well. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue as well. Don't get me wrong we remove some metal but it's always fretting for us thats the limiting factor.

  22. Is it just me or does Barry look alot like Dara O'brien in the thumbnail 🤔 😅

  23. Awesome breakdown of spindle specs. The rigidity and performance of DN Solutions dual contact spindles are excellent.

  24. That's nifty gritty getting down to the science. I have run silicon valley CNC shops as a programmer for almost 7 years now, and Its pretty simple to just pick a HAAS, 40 or 50 taper. I suppose when your high production, and trying to squeeze out every penny on long term jobs, this is a good way to calculate.

  25. Barry sets out the framework that any dodo should understand, Titan You deserve 500k subs by end/yr

  26. I overheated my Fanuc robodrill a few times. It did take 36 hours robot loaded running with a dull tool 😂

    Stuck a new tool in and it ran non stop for 3 weeks 24/7 after that

  27. The big picture is always important. Narrow focus on cost and not overall ability tends to contribute to shops buying the minimum machine needed. They seldom think long term in having a machine that they can grow into for at times not much more money. Sturdier machines suffer less from wear and tend to produce better tolerances versus a lower cost machine. "Buy once, cry once" is a good saying to remember.

  28. Let's say Sam Jones has a CNC shop and he's fixin' to buy a new mill. Vendor X shows him a chart that rates the spindle power at 200 percent load. Is there a formula that'll let him translate that to spindle power at 100 percent load?

  29. Man keep doing these videos you are awesome!

  30. It would be great to see the video of spindle replacement and the time it took from the call that your machine is down to machine back and running, the cost, and shop work rearrangement to other machines. Keep in mind that currently there's global supply chain problem, and everyone who would like to abuse their machines should know if there's lot's of spare parts available from different OEMs if bunch of machines worldwide starts to go out. The show off always great until it hits you hard.

  31. Do u guys replace the windows on ur machines regularly so u can see inside when machining our cncs at my shop u cant see anything have to open door to see whats going sometimes

  32. Hey guys It would be interesting if you make a review about the MR-1 CNC machine from Langmuir Systems, and test it’s capabilities and compare it against Tormach machines!

  33. Please recommend books for CNC working and operations… Thanks

  34. we are in an online world yet most machine tool builders require you to call a dealer for a quote. just put the price online in your website like haas. get with the modern age.

  35. How is NHM6300 continuous power situated above 30 min power while Mynx series have continuous below 30 min line?

  36. rebuilding a spindle aint that expensive vs lost time , just send it bud

  37. Excellent presentation and a lot of good points being made here.

  38. I love how these videos act like we all can buy a machine. Guess what? It's painful to fill up the tank or go the grocery store. Give me a tip on how to back spot with minimal cost. Oh wait, get a new machine.

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