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Bubble illusion Wand Spinner ~ Incredible Science

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Swirling color that changes shape with every whirl! This unique bubble illusion wand is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Spin the wand and the shiny, coated paper laser strips create the optical illusion of an ever-changing bubble. Spin it for different effects such as a blooming flower, swirling bubbles, spinning snowman and more. Shine a bright light on it in a dark room, spin it, and watch it burst with color. Hold it upside down and see the fireworks effect!

Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

Hands on exploration of physical changes based on rotational speed and hand placement.
The Bubble illusion wand changes shape as you change the speed of the spin. Experiment with different hand placement and different spin speeds to see the different effects.


  1. Sometimes I think: FUCK it just buy one of their colorful sparkly products…

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