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Bubble Shooter 2018 In Water NEW (Different Play!)

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Bubble Shooter 2018 In Water New is different play, free game.
This has little different game play compare to regular Bubble shooter game. Try Once you will like the challenges in the game. Challenge to get the target as soon as possible.
INSTALL and play the Classic and most addictive best Bubble Shooter 2018 In Water New game for FREE.
Classic Simple game just click the bubbles in the water. This is a kind of real bubble shooting game like old PC water bubble game. The game is simple casual playing category feels like deep in blue bubble shooting. The addictive nature in the game play to shoot water bubble.Get the Bubble Shooter 2018 In Water New NOW, beat levels and enjoy this addicting and relaxing bubble pop game! for free.

Bubble Shooter 2018 In Water New is not the puzzle or match-3 game this is simply tap game to shoot bubble in water.It is a single player game and no internet network required to play game and its completely free game.Once you start playing you will not stop playing and with little difficult.
Just have a try once in game and have endless bubble shooting free game fun.
This is initial release of the game will be updated in future.

How to play Bubble Shooter 2018: In Water NEW Different Play!:-

– You have to shoot bubbles before it vanishes in the water with fishes around.
– Tap the Bubbles moving from bottom to top in the water.
– You should shoot bubble before it vanishes.
– Each time 5 bubbles pop up from bottom and moves towards top.
– Bubble goes near fish may vanish.
– Each Bubble will have different values.
– Bubble you shoot, the value of that bubble will be added to score.
– Try to achieve the target to go next level.
– Each level have higher target.
– You will have 10 lives and will be filled once in 24 hours.
– Maximum 10 lives but, can be added more by watching video ads.
– There are 12 different beautiful themes available.

By downloading this game you are agreeing to terms and condition.

Bubble Shooter 2018: In Water New Different Play! is the free bubble shooting game. Contains simple UI and simple game play feature. Play and enjoy shooting bubbles in the water where fish will be moving from one side to another side. Download this game for free.
If you have no life left or you want more life don’t worry watch the video ad get 10 extra life. You can change background by watching ad and there are 12 different wallpaper for game can be set which makes feel more inside water.
Enjoy the game with good graphics experience And Cartoon like feeling game.
Addictive casual game keeps play has no limits.
It is Not multiplayer game.
Share this free game in social networking sites.
Once you start – you simply can not stop play.
Free to play Bubble Shooter 2018: In Water New Different Play! with Cool Animation Effects.
This is a classic game not like all other bubble shooter game it’s just a old fashioned tap the bubble which moves bottom to up.

Please find free time to rate and review this gaming app.
Applicable to any age group.
Supports almost all Android Devices which has Android OS 4.4+.
Share with your Friends Family etc……
Please provide comment and Feedback to improve the game and features.

Terms and Condition:-

* Any loss of data can’t restore.
* The game still more best update which is yet to be done.
* The game currently doesn’t contain life purchase will be added in future.
* All rights are reserved.

Join the bubble popping fun in water.

If you like Bubble Shooter 2018: In Water New Different Play! and you enjoy playing it Please Share the screen shots of your game level and game with friends, social media etc…..
Make sure and keep cool updates for best gaming experience.

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