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Bubble Shooter Cheat (GuideWire)

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How to use guidewire playing Bubble Shooter. Also works with Bubble Spinner!

Bubble shooter cheat/hack.

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  1. Accuracy Line in some Bubble Shooter games, like Bust-a-Move (Puzzle Bobble)?

  2. ouais ben c'est pas convaincant ! j'ai l'impression que tu n'es pas plus adroit avec ça . la preuve certaines cibles ne sont pas atteintes , je suis meilleurs sans le spinner et puis ce truc parasite le jeu je trouve .

  3. if you play it long enough, you see that wires anyway 😛

  4. @hallabalooza yep and when you close your eyes you'll still see the bubbles flyin coming down and flyin around

  5. Good, Games, Video of Ridiculous/Tricks, Music

  6. nice music………… haha
    SOO dramatic…

  7. Thank you very much bro . It is something unbelivable . Love you so much . Please give me your PayPal , i will donate you . You are my idol , my senior .

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