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Bubble Spinner 2 Game

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Get dizzy as you watch colorful set of bubbles spinning slowly like a kaleidoscope, and you almost forgot that you need to clear these bubbles out! All you need to do is create a 3 or more bubbles of the same color to wipe them. You will have certain amount of passes or time limit before more bubbles starts appearing, and they will only show up if you can’t continue to clear bubbles again and again. Your score will be multiplied if you can clear the whole board completely. And with that solemn music, your focus of aiming at them should rather be easy enough.

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  1. Bubble Spinner 2 is a simple bubble shooting game. What sets it apart from other similar games is the area you shoot moves upon pressure. It adds a certain challenge that way. After each level, more colors of balloons are added. There’s nothing fancy with this game, but it’s still nice game to play once in a while (the music sounds relaxing too).

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