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Bubble Spinner – Level 21x – 53266 Points

Max Guernsey
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’nuff said.


  1. @hellotroydurr There is a link to it on my channel page. It's also on the first page of a Google search for "GuideWire"

  2. wow, all you people hating on this guy for calculating angles really need to get a life. You don't like the video, or guidewire, then do yourself a big favor. UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER, or CLICK THE BACK BUTTON and save the energy it would've taken to type an obnoxious comment about your supremely worthless, obnoxious comments.

  3. does it cost anything to download guidewire.
    how can i get it?

  4. It's free. You can get it from my site. The link is in my profile.

  5. I agree that this is cheating…I made it to level 20 with a score of 96,453…no guidewire…only proof I have is a screen capture…not sure how to post that though 🙂

  6. oh thanks anyways i got it on google and i actually got a high score of 73012 level 25!
    pretty cool.
    and thanks for the videos and stuff…

  7. Where can you get that guide wire shit, i would be nasty with one. i jsut got my personal best of 58811, i could probs break 100k with one of those guide things

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