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Bubble Spinner Masters Tutorial (READ “ABOUT” SECTION)

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Read the basic rules below, then watch the video. As you’re watching, try to envision where you would shoot the next shot. Does it match up with what I did? If not, can you figure out why I made the shot that I did?

1. Never begin the next level without a minimum of 4 balls remaining of a brand new cycle. It may appear that I’m just racking up points. This is not what I’m doing. I’m giving myself a fighting chance when I start the next level. If you don’t do this, don’t ever expect to get a very high score.

2. Always make it a priority to completely eliminate colors. Notice how I do this with the green ball right around the 1:50 point. The colors of the balls that fly in randomly are only the colors of balls that ARE ALREADY ON THE WHEEL. Therefore, I don’t want to add a green ball to the wheel right before balls are added because I want to eliminate green entirely.

3. Always try to eliminate balls from the corners. These are the parts that stick out the most and block your angles when making future shots. Try to make the hexagon more circular.

4. Make it a priority to eliminate balls with every shot. If you’re shooting a red ball and you see that there’s another red ball coming behind it, even if you can eliminate a larger section with one shot, it’s better to eliminate two smaller sections with two shots than one large section with the first and nothing with the second.

5. Always pay attention to what is coming next. 80% of your time should be spent planning, 20% shooting. Make sure to spin the wheel in such a way that it sets up your next shot.

6. Don’t attach a ball to a section that you’re going to eliminate with your next shot unless you absolutely must. If you don’t eliminate balls with your shot, it costs you; it brings you one step closer to a bunch of balls being added randomly. This is your worst enemy. Therefore, if you don’t eliminate balls with your shot, make sure you are doing the absolute best thing possible to set up a future shot. DON’T WASTE SHOTS. Make every one count.

If you follow these general rules I guarantee you’ll notice an improvement in your game. I’ve made it to level 246 with a high score of 6,666,546, so I’ve gotta be doing something right! Happy shooting!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tips! I've already noticed improvement! You rock my socks 🙂

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