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Bubble Spinner top score

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level 9


  1. Am I the only one who still plays this 10 years later?

  2. I don't understand how you do it so well. My best score of all time is 985 or something..

  3. now i need to go play some more bubble spinner

  4. my roommate got 56,000+, 15x at least, dont ask me how

  5. wow sucks for me to say this but i actually got up to level 31 and a little over 140,000 points. don't ask how i did it but in all honesty i do have a life 😀

  6. So, I have come to the determination that this game completely sucks balls. As former Bust-A-Move champion of the world I have a hard time getting past level 1. Could be me……but I like to think it's this game that sucks. Yes, this game sucks.

  7. i love this game but its like imposible to get to the next level for me

  8. I've got higher! i got 21000. I've got a screen shot from 18000.

  9. I just reached level 13 today.
    Great game.

  10. i´ve got x 10 with 19661 points thumbs down

  11. i got x24 with 105,249 points.. get on my level

  12. Haha i really thought I was the only loser that is addicted to this game

  13. 6,666,546 – level 168. #41 on the all-time greatest list. My place in history is secured. xD

  14. 310,253 – Level 44
    took me over an hour
    Yes, I still play this game

  15. how do you do that? the most i can get it 2,000 with level 3 and no matter how much i practice i still cant get a decent score

  16. This isent a record my friend has 97k points

  17. I made it to Level 15. 36,591. Not too Shabby
    All day at the office… with only Phone Calls to make… in between phone calls at least 2 hours of playing time

  18. I played to level x39 and scored just over 265,000 points back in March, 2009! Lol

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