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Bubble Spinner using GuideWire

Max Guernsey
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Me using GuideWire () to get past level 1 of Dead Whale’s “Bubble Spinner” with relative ease.


  1. Sometimes it doesn't clean up where it drew the old lines. You can try using a wider beam. If that doesn't work, we can continue our discussion on my site to try and diagnose the problem.

  2. I wrote GuideWire. While nothing is 100% certain, I did not put anything bad in it and there were no known viruses on my system when it was compiled and signed.

    When you install it, Windows should tell you it was published by Hexagon Software LLC. If the program wasn't signed by Hexagon Software LLC, don't trust it.

  3. My web server messed up my DNS hosting. It takes 24 hours for the fix to propagate to all of the name servers. It should be up almost everywhere, now.

  4. i see a million lines lol… is something wrong with guidewire?

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