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Bubble’s Peanut Allergy

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This is a long one! So get you’r popcorn, sit back, and relax!

More videos coming soon!

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Birds Rule

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  1. hey snowdoger1. do you know there is a new piggygloby intro for you.

  2. 2:19"this is something serious not awesome." I think Hal likes bubbles to have a. Allergy reaction 😳

  3. I remember that I was 5 or 6 when i watched this…

  4. why is mario here he isnt even in the angry birds series

  5. They don't let yoshi in the car and bubbles ate peanuts because he's allergic to it.

  6. Bro this was the first and favorite plush video I watched

  7. Oh nooo bubble se hizo grande (0_0)?!

  8. Мне нравится

  9. Like the first vid I watched on YouTube. Nostalgia

  10. Sapper the miner red guy and silent fall guys says:

    0:01 what is the name of this song?

  11. Ohh, the good old times when this channel was blasting.. I wish he made more plush vids. 💕

  12. Ahh yes i remember this video like it was yesterday i miss those days

  13. Julia The Lil Butterfly LDC Fan #SaveCanada says:

    know what you think about it do you know what this is?

  14. This guy was one of the kickstarters for my love for Angry Birds

  15. I miss this as my child hood but it’s all here and I’m a angry birds fan now and this is a great video I love how they like not care about mighty egal I think idk how to spell his name they only care about bubbles 😄😄🤣

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