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Dialogue Bubble in Unity – Yarn Spinner – Part 1 – Ep. 12

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In this twelfth episode of the Night in the Woods in Unity series, we are finally going to build the Dialogue System using Yarn Spinner. Creating the Speech Bubble that will contain the actual dialogue.




  1. Changing the text in the Text object is not changing the side of the parent bubble

  2. Great Video man, but in 2022 they already updated Yarn Editor to 2.2 version which is really different with the one you'r using. Keep up the good work anyway

  3. This is a video that i am always return to. And now i am looking for a tutorial that will explain how to do all the things you do here but with yarn spinner 2.0…So i just wanted to say thank you 🙏🏼 and if you make one day a tutorial on 2.0 version i will love ti know.

  4. the dialogue runner wont go into the dialogue storage. is there anything i can do to fix it?

  5. Great video 😀 Can you show us how to make a save system for the dialogue and choices ?
    Also why did you choose Yarn ? I heard that there are other tools for narrative scripting like Ink and Twine.

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