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Dialogue Bubble in Unity – Yarn Spinner – Part 2 – Ep. 13

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In this episode of the Night in the Woods in Unity series, we are going to finish the Dialogue Bubble, by removing the option buttons and make the bubble follow the player who’s talking, using the functionalities provided by Yarn Spinner.




  1. Hi, I am following through but I am stuck. I cannot edit the DialogueUI script because it is a Meta Data file or something like that. Every time I insert new code, it ends up reverted whenever it saves. How do I fix this? Thank you so much! Wish you continued this series 😀

  2. Hi! hope you doing well just wanted to let you know your tutorials really done well some stuff are done too quick but its ok 🙂 but overall this tutorials really helpful well done and in good pace 🙂 keep the great work !! i really enjoyed them so far

  3. Man,that's extremely awesome,you literally inspired me to create a game like night in the woods,have you ever thought about create another tutorials,i mean games like:ori,inside,cuphead,hollow knight or other famous games made in unity,if you do that would be extremely great not only for me but for everyone,i'm from Brazil(forgive my english lol) and many cheeks and happiness bro,happy 2021🎉🎉🤘

  4. Thank you so much, I was really looking for a tutorial on yarn spinner.
    and I am now getting a lot of help from your two videos on the subject!

  5. Hello! I've run into a problem when I tried to make dialogue bubble appear on the talking character. I did as in a tutorial but got error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" at the dialogue mover script. What went wrong?

  6. hi , amazing tutorial !!
    one thing I've noticed however is that in the NITW game the balloon can be moved but the pointer keeps pointing to the character not staying at the same spot on top of the character , do you have any solutions for that ?

  7. knock knock hello! I have an opportunity you CANT turn down! Or you can. And probably will. But I have an opportunity! I have a team of people Who I put together willing to help make NITW2 and don’t have any coders… we have artists, storyboard artists, sound design, all the sorts!

  8. I just updated my own yarn spinner project with some of your work and i keep getting an error when selecting my dialogie. It says that it wasnt expecting that dialogue option, but i have checked and it is outputting options 0 or 1 like it is supposed to. Any ideas?

  9. Thanks for this series friend. These dialogue tutorials have really helped me implement yarnspinner. Had to do some tweaks in the code to get it working for my 3D game but overall very helpful, even though you go really fast 😅

  10. Hi! thanks for the videos, at the end, with the Dialogue Mover script, i got some problem :/
    When the player start the dialogue, the baloon are away from the character, maybe is a silly problem, but are at the least 3 weeks I'm tring to solve
    It's possible I'm set something wrong?

  11. An absolutely amazing tutorial series I hope you'll make one more for a final Polish thing's like text color and animating the text bubble but these videos were exactly what I needed so thank you
    My only complaints are you go through some thing's a bit to quickly just let stuff sit on screen for an extra second or two.
    The second is your English is very very good but you talk just a little to quickly sometimes and it can be hard to understand.

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