Does the spinning wheel defy gravity? No! It obeys #physics! #funny #fyp #reels #shorts #shortsvideo -

Does the spinning wheel defy gravity? No! It obeys #physics! #funny #fyp #reels #shorts #shortsvideo

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Dr. Tatiana shows us how spinning a wheel makes it spin upright. Why? This is to do with conservation of angular momentum!

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#fyp #teacher #viral #funny #shorts #shortvideo


  1. Months of academic learning and it doesn't go in but one demonstration like this says it all

  2. Gravity? The pulling to the center of mass? They say the electrostatics is 10 to the 120th stronger then gravity. Do you even know what that number means? So how could you say it's gravity pulling it down? Especially when we could do experiments proving that the electrostatics pulls down gas in the air. Some teachers are so far behind others it's impossible to think. It is a college professor who teaches about the electrostatics

  3. I would call her Queen of Modern Science and Gravity

  4. When you you realise she moved because of gyroscopic precision not for teaching well💀💀💀

  5. I’m starting to thing Dexter was Russian

  6. I will surely live my subject if I had this kind of teacher I prefer Showing than translating

  7. I like how the rest of the world is learning science with these kids 😭

  8. The example for this is totally wrong because if she looses his thread the in if fall of gravity and earth is not hanging on any kind of thread

  9. Wow shes so passionate, what a great teacher!

  10. It shows how for children 3 years old. In Russia, children understand after reading a book. Visual aid is not needed

  11. I have a biology teacher like that but she’s more calm but super funny!!!!! SHE LETS US EAT IN CLASS!!!!!!!!! SHE EVEN BRINGS SNACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  12. Bro i want this teacher to be my teacher if i have to pay for her to be my teacher i would pay personally

  13. She’s the best teacher on plyaneet eorrthh

  14. But then the earth is spinning to slowly? Ok but i got an explanation to explain to myself that, moths are smaller than us and see us moving so slow, yet we think its normal, thats probably the reason

  15. Me encanta el entusiasmo de esta mujer. Eso es vivir tu sueño y vivir sin trabajar

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she can lie ignorant . people!

  17. Russian teachers don't preach transgender BS they teach about math science history

  18. In my schooling years I’ve only seen less then 6 teachers with her energy frfr they actually care from pre k – 12 grade
    I’m from
    America NC

  19. I dont know if its the yelling, the accent, or visuals but i learned that ish!😂

  20. If teachers had this kind of spark, kids would run to their lessons!!

  21. It's speed is fast enough to keep it's self balanced without using hands

  22. Demasiado té verde en la mañana señora

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