DOOM PATROL Season 4 Episode 3 Breakdown - Ending Explained & Episode 4 Promo! -

DOOM PATROL Season 4 Episode 3 Breakdown – Ending Explained & Episode 4 Promo!

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DOOM PATROL Season 4 Episode 3 Breakdown – Ending Explained & Episode 4 Promo! – Nostalgia Patrol! Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 3 Breakdown. Covering Doom Patrol 4×03 and Doom Patrol 4×04 Promo. Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 3 takes the Doom Patrol on an adventure to save Rita Farr as she gets taken into her own movies. As the Doom Patrol find themselves in Rita’s old movies, the threat of Immortus rises as something is taken from Rita. Crazy Jane explores more of her purpose, Mr. 104 is introduced, and Cyborg/Vic Stone reconnects with his old friends in Detroit.

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Let me know your theories for Doom Patrol Season 4! Let’s discuss the latest episode of Doom Patrol Season 4 and all the details with The Butts, Immortus, Cliff Steele Robot Man, Negative Man, Cyborg, Rita Farr.

Doom Patrol Season 4 starts when the team unexpectedly travels to the future and finds an unwelcome surprise. Faced with their imminent demise, the Doom Patrol must decide once and for all which is more important: their own happiness or the fate of the world?


  1. Introducing Mister 104, the Earth-21 doppelganger of Bloodwork Post-Crisis

  2. Yet another one I've been waiting on, but so glad we've at least gone a day without having a new DCU bombshell being dropped, with regard to cancelled actor's or stories/films. Haha Shelly's puzzle piece defo Came out lol. Defo think there was something to do with Cyborgs mate saying to him that he still has impenetrable skin, so maybe cyborg ain't got the weaponry that he used to have but still got some super powers. Did like Rita busting the Barbarella look. Dunno if I'm making a mistake here but is Dr Janus the same person who took the Butt Nicholas? May just be my eyesight, but if it aint they do look very similar.

  3. This is the strongest episode so far in the season, I really cracked up at the creepy kid in the horror film also the butt were getting a little overplayed at this point.
    I really enjoyed seeing sendhil ramamurthy ( Mr. 104) on this show, he was actually one of the best flash villains so I know he'll do really good work.

  4. I thought the sisterhood is still alive , just staying àway from Rouge. It makes sense to bring her back ,she seems to have the power to give the people within Kay an actual life in the real world.

  5. Is it just me or was there something between Larry, and Mr.104 ? Do you think we'll see him again .

  6. Rita was low key giving WandaVision this episode 😂😂❤❤

  7. I hope they never cancel this series it's just so craxy I LOVE IT

  8. Confession time… I only thought this ep was ok. I mean I still love how great April and Diane bring so much to their roles… the show clearly loves them, as they should… but I felt rather disconnected from the Dr Janus stuff. Other than the mention of Immortus briefly, this could have easily been a one off standalone ep. I said it in last season, the stuff about Jane's lesbian awakening with THe Fog/Shelley feels like it's being shoved in there for reasons, than it genuinely adding anything to her character. I have no issues with LGBT relationships but this one feels just for weird titilation than doing relationships of that type actual favors. The Fog swirling around Jane and giving her an orgasm… it feels trivial. Show me their relationship can be normal and healthy than just a weird one off reason to give Jane a reason to feel pleasure for herself. The Vic storyline I feel, while eye opening to some of his past doesn't feel like this is driving a particular season arc plot than to give Vic again something to do than be with his Superhero team. Keeg suddenly becomes a Deus Ex Machina at the right moment to save everybody. MR 104… someone in the comments suggested they were possibly setting up something between him and Larry… I dunno how to feel about all this. Hope that was just someone seeing something that wasn't there. So this whole ep was kinda DOom Patrol's version of Wandavision… ok.

  9. I love Doom Patrol so muuuuuuch ❤❤❤ another flawless episode to me. Rita Farr is gorgeous, serving every shots but Michele Gomez, my dear Missy, is just a sceenstealer❤

  10. I am so happy this video came across my feed! I had no idea the new season already started.

  11. Does anyone know that name of that Punk Rock song Crazy Jane was listening to?

  12. The only way to make Rita's speech even better would have been to have rita said "the sisterhood was for me in my best moments, a second chance at life, but you (cliff, rita, and larry) were for me first. in the worst times of my life. and i took that for granted. and i am sorry. but not anymore" and continue she saying the doom patrol are her family

  13. It was kinda sad seeing Madame Rogue flee and drown her misery in booze. instead of you know, at least trying to go back and wanting to face her doom with the rest she just got cold fleet and prefer to drown her sorrows about how "she is gonna be better after this"
    If anything it reminded me of how the rest were at the beginning of the show in season 1. especifically cliff in the first episode BEFORE his accident

  14. 4:06 I wonder if they will adapt Gerard Way's DOOM PATROL arc for Jane. the one about how (in the comics) Dr. Harrison tried to split all the different alters into separate bodies.
    THAT would be interesting to watch if they adapt that somehow
    6:11 this reminds me a little about how cliff got his own moment of realization (buckle of water moment) about how he cannot just go back and try to fit into his own daughter's life, after the years he lost
    9:27 if anything that means that what larry said of "him being rita's fan" when they first met , was ACTUALLY true

  15. You look so cute in that Flash Christmas sweater Boba 🥰

    I love crazy Jane and Elasta woman are my favorites

  16. I just watched all of the seasons in a row because I haven’t seen any of it and I got hooked, I enjoy Larry knowing all the movies Rita was in because we saw in the flashback when they met he knew her movies before hand and was a fan lol

  17. Superman and Lois season three news is out where are you” lol 😂

  18. Get the bread!””””” 🥖

  19. I think there's an F-bomb quota in Doom Patrol

  20. I really have to give it to the writers of this show. They are so good at moving the story along but continuing character development at the same time.

  21. I could be wrong, but I remember Niles saying he had been searching for immortality, and each of the Doom Patrol has a form or immortality. So Immortus may be taking their immortality from them, starting with Rita.

  22. I understand why Vic wanted to get rid of his tech, but I think that he'll eventually get it back, maybe upgraded. During laser tag, he was using his laser gun like his arm cannon and in the future episode, he fashioned his crossbow like his arm cannon also, so he seems to like it or rely on it in someway. He also seems to be trying to convince himself that being tech support is enough for him, but I don't believe that it is.

  23. This episode was weird…but damn is Jane looking good!

  24. I really think that the Doom patrol characters are lame they are lazy beyond! Everybody is just dumb except for Rita I mean with the multiple personality girl Jane and Kay in the other personalities you would think like they would get a freaking clue how hard is it to actually pay attention to what your power is trying to tell you to do instead it seems like they always try to go against the grain they act like they don't want to do something when it's obviously telling them they must do it they have powers and that's what they should do instead they complain about everything that happens to them everything instead of taking control of it except for Rita! Then you got Victor AKA used to be cyborg going over there and taking the technology and stuff up out of his body and just doing a synthetic skin for real? How dumb was that like really he was always hot in the head doesn't he remember he's responsible for killing his mother in the first place? What is it wasn't she responsible for himself getting blown up because he was angry at his mom isn't that true so why does he blame his dad for making him cyborg? Isn't he responsible for himself getting blown up? Then you got the alien entity that's inhabiting the other guy from the gay guy with the bandages he just is a downer all he does is feel bad about himself and complaining about everything and out of all the people in the group he actually has a connection with another life force and I'll be it I would be upset too if I had to wear bandages but God damn it if it was me as long as I ain't the one dying I'll take the bandages off and everybody around me would have to just die from radiation poison I become leader LOL just playing it just seems like every episode they are just not making anything but then I guess that's what makes the show entertaining and fun to watch because it's easy to sit here and say what I would do as I'm watching them go through their emotions but if it was me in real life I don't know I might be a bit in my own head but I don't know if I had powers

  25. I think general imortis is stealing their immortality.
    Rita's necklace and Larry's negative spirit gives them the immortality possibility.
    Idk the trailer kind of gives it away with Kipling .

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