Dooma's Day | Supa Strikas Soccer Cartoon | Football Videos -

Dooma’s Day | Supa Strikas Soccer Cartoon | Football Videos

Supa Strikas Soccer #Shorts
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Only weeks before the final, Invincible United hire a complete unknown as their Captain. Dooma seems to be the perfect leader but Shakes and Spenza discover Dooma’s brain has been reprogrammed! Can they reveal the truth to the soccer world AND escape Dooma’s clinic with their own minds intact?!
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Follow Shakes, Rasta and the rest of the Supa Strikas on a quest to become the world’s greatest football team!

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00:00 Dooma`s Day
20:49 Suspended Animation
41:35 Sleight of Foot
1:01:54 One Super League Under the Sea
1:22:32 Own Ghoul
1:43:05 Cheese, Lies and Videotape


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