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Dr. Hail Raymond Marketed ME! # 113

Skeleton Realm
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“We are SKELETON REALM – A video comedy livestream podcast entertainment sketch excitement live talk show online style show which occurs each Wednesday LIVE at 8pm eastern time (brought to you by MeMoreTV!). We enjoy sharing our fun happy comedy podcast entertainment sketch comedy humor talk show livestream live event style content with you every week. Join the Skeleton Realm family!” – Doug Bleichner & Sam Wagstaff


  1. Wait was that actually Johnny Pemberton superchatting?

  2. I don’t like painer. he’s not invited to my 4th of july party.

  3. omg T Dream by Humans Win (formerly Lance Conrad) is such a CLASSIC

  4. painer turned sam into robert deniro in the blink of an eye. that was a thrill!

  5. Holy shit 😅 Doug was just seconds away from Sam’s permissions being granted that would then allow Sam to start blasting away at doug’s face BUT he was denied last second! Busted! That was epic timing

  6. I hope you two get a Netflix deal soon. This is too good

  7. it was a potato all along, now we know the truth.
    it was a potato we love you…. too.

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