Film Review: Inside the Commanders Comeback vs Broncos -

Film Review: Inside the Commanders Comeback vs Broncos

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On this episode of Take Command, Craig and Logan hit the film room to break down Sunday’s game between the Commanders and the Broncos. The guys open things up with a game overview- looking at the game from “30,000 feet.” Afterwards, they crack into Sam Howell’s performance before looking at the receivers, running backs, and EB’s play calling. Then, the two dive into the defense and how the group progressed over four quarters. Specifically, the pair examines Chase Young’s return to the field, and how his impact affected the defense this week and how it could change things in weeks to come.

(0:34) Offense Review
(5:47) Sam Howell’s Performance
(17:20) All Praise Sam Howell
(24:29) Commanders Play Calling
(32:30) Defense Review

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  1. Hopefully we don't get behind early and get one dimensional. We can't get away from the run game. The weather could be a factor in todays game. This offensive line needs to have a big game. The Raiders got smoked last week and only ran the ball 9x for -2 yards. I haven't seen many designed QB runs yet, maybe this is the week? I'm a bit nervous, but think we have a chance, especially if the offense and defense both show up for all 4 qtrs. HTTC!

  2. Hoffman looks like a toon character from back in the day that I can't remember, dang it's kill in' me lol. Much respect tho, now to the serious business. Hit me with the analysis boyzzz #HAIL

  3. Bills 34-20. Washington hasn't played an offense as good as my Bills. They barely beat 2 winless teams. I expect a good game from Cook and Knox with how weak Washington's LB corp is.

  4. Logan and Craig are awesome with the tape breakdown. Love the fight of the IOL; good stuff.

  5. I think RT is the only weak link on the Bills' O-line.

  6. If Ron doesn't change that long snapper, this week could be tragic! This will be tough enough game with out Ron being proactive with changes. Sam Howell dallas game last year!😮

  7. Buffalo's RBs and TEs are going to test our LBs and secondary; Barton and Jamin Davis, and Nickel BSJ have to play really well. Our safeties can't cheat or they can get burned by Diggs and / or Gabe Davis, both deep threats.

  8. Bills are starting a rookie at G, his name is Torrence. That’s a key matchup with Allen and Payne. The Jets interior DL was able to apply pressure on Josh Allen up the middle with their DT.

  9. Welllll. To get in the minds of Payton and del Rio. I think Payton worked him. And del Rio overreacted with that invert blitz. If I remember correctly 🤷🏾‍♂️ but I think they ran Wilson a time or two on that first drive as well. They worked the defense into a rhythm. I wonder what wonderful things Buffalo has in store. It’s a good thing resilient guy out there at qb

  10. Eric B also changed the speed of practice and intensity of it.

  11. You know it’s a whole different world when you’re talking about the next step to maturity at the end of the season versus struggling to win a single game.

  12. I think EB is at war with himself a little. He said last week that Andy Reid has influenced his thought on pass vs run and it’s sad because he’s a former RB. Laughing while saying it

  13. Logan always looks so disinterested haha. But his insights are some of the best out there. Love hearing his takes. I didn't know he was coaching HS, that's dope.

  14. EB has to commit a little more to the run this week. Can't have Howell throw 30 times a half like he did Denver. Bills are susceptible to the run and Jets gashed them badly, and we don't wanna get into a shootout

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