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Who’s seen our previous WATER GUN DRIVE-BY’S and our AIR HORN DRIVE-BY’S? We attempted to do it with fire crackers this time! Love to see the comments from you guys on this one!


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  1. The allahuakber was bang out of order I can’t lie

  2. When romell zooms away after throwing crackers at them you can hear the v tec of the car 😂😂🚘🚘

  3. Not fun when someone throws a handfull in ya face

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    They took dislikes off soooo any one can dislike and well won’t get bummed

  5. 5 years ago this masterpiece was made
    TGF your the best man 💯

  6. So glad this video is still up, fuck youtube for deleting bathtub Olympics still

  7. Nice comment jay "allah hu Akbar" 🙄😭😭

  8. Anyone else watching this in 2022 for the memories and laugh

  9. I used to do that before with my mum and we found it comical

  10. Theres a lot of snowflakes in the comments

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