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Flotsam 8 – The Fish are in the Waves! – (Survival Colony Builder on the Ocean!)

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Let’s build a town out of trash! In Flotsam, we’ll guide our castaways into recycling the junk from the sea, building a thriving colony! Steam:
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Release Date: 2024

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About Flotsam:
Sail the ocean on your scrappy town. Search for food, fresh water and garbage to recycle.
If you manage your resources wisely your drifters will do more than survive.
They will thrive!

The people in the world of Flotsam have met a terrible fate. But with your help they can still make the best of it. Get to work with your crew of happy go-getters. Fish, distill water, collect driftwood and plastic or build a new inventive structure. Making sure you can stay afloat.

Remnants of the old world can be found everywhere. Re-discover old technology to improve your town. But be careful your drifters don’t get sick. The old world is polluted..

Most people still cling to the old ways and build small driftwood shacks on protruding islands. Food scarcity, garbage floods and storms left settlers and animals stranded and in need of your help. Save the poor souls and welcome them aboard in your family of drifters.

The world of Flotsam is a colorful and cheerful place. It’s about going on adventures, seeing the world and cleaning it up as you go. The sun is shining, the sky is clear and the ocean is calm… mostly at least.

The people in the world of Flotsam are quirky. They each have their likes and dislikes, the things they are good at and the things you better leave to another drifter.

There is a lot to salvage and discover. But once resources start running low or you just don’t like the view: scout ahead and move your town to a new interesting location. “Land-ho!”

Quirky people working and living in a colorfully stylized floating town in a lush and vibrant blue ocean. It’s not every day you find yourself stranded in a feel good apocalypse world.

Find old world technology and learn how to recycle it into something that will ben



  1. When you thought you turned on the salad spinners, what you did was disengage the forever button instead of engaging the power button. You did the same thing when you were correcting the chow crafters, by disengaging the forever button on flounder chow while registering that as turning on flounder chow. You also have built more total chop shops and fish-washers than are necessary for your intended purpose, by in-the-moment deciding you need a certain amount of them without carefully reviewing the amount you already have.I understand and can relate that it be that way sometimes playing spinning plates games like this developing reflexive actions and bouncing around between tasks. As an outside observer however watching your series after the fact, I was aware of the errors as they were happening.

  2. You should build a park of just sunflowers KoS 😊. Also I agree with you that there should be a mining aspect to the game. It would be cool if you could dock at a landmark and mine beneath it.

  3. As for controlling the plants, what about only allowing them in one storage yard each?

  4. Farming landmarks could mean places you can visit multiple times.

  5. Hey KoS, salad spinner middle recipe (veggie salad) is a vegan recipe that uses crops.

    Another way you can mange overproduction issues is the use of more specialized (heavily filtered) storages.

    (By the looks of it, veganism will actually mean something it later updates, as you can see on meal priority planner, the botonist is vegan)

  6. Cant put in words how fun this game looks. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love that you said Knight statue with a K. 🙂

  8. The restaurant roof is also a fancy park. The 'eye' icon opens the game overlays–power, grid for architect, etc. Power poles can hold 5 electrical lines, structures can hold 2. Thank you for revisiting this game!!!

  9. Will you find the fish farm you turned off @6:00, stay tuned. For the ducks or seagulls in this case.

  10. Love this series! You should be able to manipulate decorations and plants using the hotkeys shown on-screen when you build them (Z to rotate, X to chose a variation of the item).

  11. When you have more solar panels, why not build a few more batteries to store the extra power since your current townheart power capacity is limited anyway?

  12. Thank you for the very interesting video!

  13. To my understanding the eels-number is the rate that they produce or consume at (most likely per second) when operational.

  14. It looks like the farm fill sliders are all under the consumption, so I think the crops are constantly water starved? Unless I'm not reading it correctly? On the power, I think it's much more simple, it's just a sum of the producers (positive) and consumers (negative), and each is either on or off. So +5 from solar panels when the sun is up, 0 when it's night. +15 when the generator is on, 0 when it's off. Same with consumers just negative.

    Also for the dev, it looks like the buildable items is not always updated as inventory changes. It looks like you can overbuild or not build things. The fish production feels complex from the outside perspective, maybe an info panel or tooltip to help say what's missing.

    I seem to be always needing to wait a day before asking questions. Was curious about the map size in the last video, this video you show the size of the map! In that spirit, I hope in the next video you flip the fish food back on that you accidentally flipped off so those fishies can eat! Really enjoying the series, finding myself rewatching parts to try and understand what's happening more than usual, thanks!

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