GuideWire Tutorial (using Bubble Spinner) -

GuideWire Tutorial (using Bubble Spinner)

Max Guernsey
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This video shows how to set up the most current version of GuideWire ( ) with Bubble Spinner.


  1. BINGO! Thank you Max. This is what I was hoping to discover. I think taking the interest, effort and extra time to pursue and discover this makes it perfectly appropriate to use and compete against other bubble fans who don't take the time to find this (but would be quick to condemn it). Thinking outside the box at all times reveals many hidden treasures. Thank you Max for this one!

  2. gotta love the interweb.

    ruining a fantastic game with a 30-second cheat and then passing on the knowledge so the game is ruined for everyone else, too.

  3. So is this game ruined for you, now? What is the purpose of a game to you?

  4. what a strange question.

    a big part of this game is mentally calculating the angles and either being rewarded by success of failure. IMO it's a really cool challenge to the brain's ability to visualise and calculate.

    but after what you've done, no honest site or org can competitively run a legit competition unless they are manually checking to see that each person isn't cheating.

    again, thanks a lot.

  5. No legitimate site can have such a contest anyway; there is a reason why, whenever a casual game comes out, it's high score service is hacked almost immediately. It's easy and morons think that it makes them look cool (or something like that).

    The problem is not that I've provided a tool. The problem is that a certain group of people will cheat via, pretty much, any means available to them.

  6. fair points, but IMO one action does not excuse another simply because it is the more egregious one.

    there are scenerios in which casual gamers , let's say out of webforum memberships, could have such a HS competition without needing the services of a tracking site. but when videos like this are published it disrupts even that casual, fun experience.

  7. I actually couldn't agree more with the first part. What you are talking about is personal responsibility.
    How on earth would that work? …like via a forum on one's honor?
    Any time you run a such contest that doesn't involve someone standing behind someone else, ensuring they don't cheat, you are trusting the contestants not to cheat. If you trust your fellow competitors to not lie about their score, then why not also trust them to tell the truth about whether or not they used GuideWire?

  8. I'm still not clear on how this video disrupts a casual contest unless you are saying that it encourages cheating in some way, which I addressed in my previous reply.

  9. You get that we could be having this conversation about a steak knife, right?
    "…they can be used for violence."
    "…but that's not what they are for."
    "…but they can be used to jimmy doors."
    "…but that's not what they are for."
    …and so on…

  10. i could spend half an hour or more hour typing up the vagaries of my argument, including hitting all your counterpoints, and in the end what would be accomplished? i have better things to do, thanks.

    all i can say is thanks to the people who are honorable enough not to cheat at a damn flash game. you know who you are.

  11. It is a somewhat fruitless conversation.
    I, too, thank people who do not cheat on these games.
    Whether you used GuideWire, or you spent thirty hours milking the end of a level, don't post your score without also indicating that you played the game under non-standard circumstances.

  12. I am glad I dont enjoy it anymore after reaching 100000. Now I can do something else;)

  13. I know. The problem with Bubble Spinner is that there is no progressive challenge. I'm into Bubble Master now.

  14. I had a look out my window just the other day and you know what i saw, a rabbit.

  15. An interesting perspective. I have three counterpoints:
    1. Using GuideWire is not cheating.
    2. You don't accomplish anything by playing games regardless of whether or not you cheat. By definition.
    3. Look up Kobayashi Maru. It's an allegory. In scenarios where you can achieve something, it's OK to cheat if it helps you.

  16. That is correct. Currently, GuideWire only is supported on the PC.

  17. Good point.

    In fact, I believe that's what my wife has done.

    I do not have the patience to plow through seventy levels. Plus I turn off my computer all the time to go see clients. For me, if I play Bubble Spinner, it's about getting as many points as I can within a short time box (usually about twenty minutes).

  18. Thank you. We have those features on our backlog. I have a lot going on right now but I will be looking in to adding more functionality to GuideWire later in the summer time.

  19. Not yet. It's on our list of things to do.

  20. There's a link in the description of this post. That takes you to the GuideWire site. From there you will find the link to launch GuideWire as well as links to tutorial videos and whatnot.

  21. Only when on your facebook page?

    GuideWire consumes a lot of resources. I tested it, for instance, on a relatively powerful (middle of the road) PC. Though not ridiculously powerful: 2ghz, 2 cores, 2G ram.

    People with only one core or one processor might find that it runs slowly or periodically freezes up. This is probably because it tries to do too many frames a second. I'll put on my backlog a feature that allows you to reduce the number of frames per second.

  22. First I have to make the update. Once I've done that, it should propagate to your computer automatically the next time you run GuideWire. Unfortunately, I'm on a tight schedule, right now. I've got a conference coming up shortly as well as two courses – one of which is new. I will get to it but I'm not sure exactly when.

  23. fine, if you make this and use it yourself than thats cool, you've done the job in a clever way.

    if you download this program and get a massive score, whats the point? the scores are arbitrary and there are no prizes.

  24. How exactly does this work since I think someone used it to cheat on a forum game and am doing some research. .

    Is it something you download and then use to cheat on the game?

    Any help would be nice.

  25. You launch it from my site and configure it as shown in the above video. The link is to the right.

  26. how come i have cant access the site anymore?

  27. There's something wrong with my web server. My service provider is looking in to it.

    The problem is intermittent, so if you check back after a few minutes, the site is usually back up.

    Thank you for your patience.

  28. @badboyfrvr That's a good analogy. My wife actually only uses it while she's teaching herself a new game or training herself to do better. When she's playing for a good score, she doesn't use it.

  29. @Thereminized So this is probably not what you were expecting, then… 🙂

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