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Honey in space

Canadian Space Agency
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2019-05-14 – CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques takes advantage of microgravity in space to play with honey.

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Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA

👉🏻 Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques – Mission:
👉🏻 Eating In Space:
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  1. It looks damn delicious whatever space it is in

  2. but wait how is this guy sitting 🤔🤔

  3. Winnie the pooh going crazy right now💀

  4. I thought he was gonna show his wife in space💀

  5. Its my dream to go in space😊😢❤❤❤

  6. I’ve been in this situation before! Tell the honey to “knock it off” if you want to eat it.

  7. ولكن لماذا شكله بهذه الطريقة يعني قصدي انه يشبه اكثر زبدة فول سوداني لازج🧐

  8. white people are really advanced 😢

    …. I feel ashamed of myself😢😔

  9. Can someone take a flag in space and show us how it moves lol

  10. If honey does that then wtf is the stuff in your body doing?????????

  11. HONEY, IN SPACE! GUESS YOU COULD CALL THAT A HONEY-NAUT!!! (if you get the reference which you probably won’t, you’re cool)

  12. 📡 yes honey, you are in space. now get your tail home for dinner!

  13. why is this astroclown looking at the monitor and not at the honey, what is happening to him?

  14. he broke the great rule, don't play with your food

  15. I cannot believe this is real this look so good I really want to go to space

  16. I think your honey is expired looking more like peanut butter (ps. Yes I know honey can’t expire it was a joke.)

  17. the people saying that the honey looks wrong clearly don't know what actual honey looks like

  18. ive always wished to go to space. to just feel like a super hero, making stuff float in the air :3

  19. Now I just want to go to space and start a cooking show where you have to fly up to get the ingredients on the ceiling.

  20. I'm so glad to see this person happines, you can see it trough his smile, he made his dream.

  21. You spend billions of dollars on a space ship but buy a 144p microphone.

  22. Imagine going to the whole iss to see honey👻

  23. Would my erections be better in space? Because they are a little rough with Earth normal gravity.

  24. If i were a astronaut I'll spend my whole time palying with things 😂

  25. All that was missing… now even the astronaut is a YouTuber

  26. You are not in space, you are in the NASA fake Studio!

  27. Why is it that when you release honey, it tends to the bottom?

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