How does an Oscillating Fan work? -

How does an Oscillating Fan work?

Jared Owen
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That table top fan you have next to you is more interesting than you think! I took mine apart so I could show you how it works. The “four speed mechanism” releases any other button that was previously pressed down. Once a button is pressed a signal (voltage) is sent to the motor at the top of the fan. The oscillation motion is produced through the 4 bar mechanism. The last part of the video covers the gears that turn the 4 bar mechanism. The pin is part of the gears – when it is lifted the gears don’t connect and the fan will no longer oscillate back and forth.

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0:20 – Fan Intro
1:20 – Button Mechanism
2:26 – Signal to the top
3:03 – Four Bar Mechanism
4:03 – Fan Oscillation
4:35 – Gear Box
5:57 – Ball Bearings Again
6:32 – Speed of the Fan

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  1. i can't believe your videos still have under 10M views. i watched these long ago and i knew these are the best videos and as i came to watch again i was like yo this has to have above 20M
    when i saw 5.2m i double check my eyes thinking may be it's 52M

  2. Great video! The explanation of how an electric fan works was clear and engaging. I learned a lot about the mechanisms inside the fan. Thank you for such informative content!

  3. If fan speed is increases the rotation also increases

  4. Do you have PayPal?
    U are magnificent ❤️

  5. You just explain how the gear box of the fan works you not actually explained how the fan works like how the fan spin when you press the button, I still heard the engine on but the fan didn't spin

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  7. This helped me fix 3 of my fans, im a cillector of fans

  8. It is 5am
    I have not slept in 28h
    And i cannot wait to learn how oscillating fans work

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  11. My curiosity how oscillations fan work fulfilled✅

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  13. First vid I watch this channel it's amazing, as an electrical engineer I would've loved some insight on the motor control wire that causes the speed change.

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  15. I was asking myself this question and then the video boomed in my face 😂

  16. Thank god for YouTube tutorials (I just broke a part of my fan and couldn’t take the fan net off)

  17. Awesome video! I do have one question though. If the worm gear is directly connected to the fan why doesn’t the oscillation speed change with the fan speed?

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  23. 这个视频没有讲到,什么样的机械机构限制两个以上的档位按钮同时按下这种情况

  24. 2:31 这个位置讲的可能存在问题,理论上普通的AC电机的转速是通过电机内部不懂长度的三组线圈来实现的,三个按钮的变速实际上就是调整交流电从不同的线圈抽头输入

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  26. You can't press the fan buttons at once. But you can press all the buttons in the video at the same time. I think there's a mistake there.

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  33. Die Lüftertaste sendet keine Signale, ändert aber den Anschluss der Motorspule.

  34. Is it okay for oscillator button to spin?

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    This video was fun to make! Hopefully now you're officially a "fan" of fans.
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