How to build your first SwiftUI app 📱 (Free Tutorial, Beginner Level) -

How to build your first SwiftUI app 📱 (Free Tutorial, Beginner Level)

Vincent Pradeilles
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In this livestream, I’m going to show you how to write a simple app using SwiftUI, Apple’s new declarative UI framework.

You can download the code here:

In this tutorial you will learn how to:
– create and set up your Xcode project
– write a simple user interface by laying out text and images using SwiftUI’s built-in views and view modifiers
– make network calls to fetch data from an API
– implement a simple navigation between a list and a detail view


00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:00 – Creating a New Project in Xcode
00:06:57 – Implementing a View with Mocked Data
00:47:47 – Making an API Call over the Network
01:09:47 – Using the MVVM Architecture
01:44:11 – How to Navigate between Views
02:09:39 – Questions & Conclusion

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  1. Very well explained to start with SwiftUI. Cheers man @vincent.

  2. Merci pour cette video très instructive et très bien expliquée 🙂 Hâte de voir la prochaine sur l'appel des API 😉 encore merci

  3. If you're wondering why the camera shakes a bit: I was using my iPhone as a camera, mounted on my MacBook. And I might have typed on the keyboard with a bit too much energy 😂

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