How to Get High Score on Bubble Shooter : Bubble Shooter Tips and Tricks -

How to Get High Score on Bubble Shooter : Bubble Shooter Tips and Tricks

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Bubble shooter tips and tricks.
Bubble shooter is one of the most famous games on the internet.
Believe it or not, we all want to be just perfect at it.
Be it because we want the highest score in our friends’ circle or just for our own personal satisfaction.
We bring you today a few tips and tricks that you can use to have your scores listed in the top charts within moments.

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  1. How can I see what my highest score is

  2. My strategies were called "Dig for Victory" and "Mine for Life" (both named after really good songs).Dig for Victory (named after the song by Public Service Broadcasting) is best with 6 or 5 colours, involving chipping away when you can, spreading out so you don't let a single colour bring you down.Mine for Life (named after the song by Ultravox) is best with 4 or 3 colours, trying to mine for deeper colours to get big chunks.

  3. It helped me to beat my mother

  4. instructions unclear. bubble ended up in my asshole

  5. kutspel, opkankeren, tyfusleier, john deere, da's mien merk

  6. Ridiculous. Just cleared the board and didn’t even get top 3. How the fuck

  7. Unfortunately i couldn't play it because i am level 2886 but i can't get a shooter

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  9. Wanna know a cool trick? Hold your phone behind your head and shoot a bubble.

  10. 3.7 million points was the highest I've ever scored. It seems low only compared to others who've scored about 10 million points.

  11. Do u get paid for this game my ex left me for a guy that shares nothing but bubble shooter pro it would make me feel better if there’s no pay lol

  12. I cannot get Bubble Shooter to work. I'm on level 656 and the bubbles stop automatically. What am I doing wrong?

  13. I was wanting to play the bubble shooter on YouTube

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