How to Remove a Stuck item from a Washing Machine Drum -

How to Remove a Stuck item from a Washing Machine Drum

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How to remove a stuck item from a washing machine drum.
Something trapped in the washing machine drum? This video will show you how to remove it. Often, things such as bra wires, coins, socks, hair grips or other small items can get jammed inside.

If not removed, stuck items can lead to damage to your appliance. If you can see something is stuck but can’t easily remove it from your washing machine, this video will take you through it step-by-step. Also, if you notice any missing socks or similar laundry items, it’s best to check f they have been caught in the drum.

Another indication that an item is jammed, is if your washing machine is making strange noises. If you hear scraping or rattling sounds during or after the wash cycle, this video will help you identify where the noise is coming from inside the drum. If the object isn’t in the drum, we will also show you how to check the heater and sump hose areas for any items that may have been trapped here.

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Want to skip straight to the information you need? Here’s what we talk about in each part of our video:

0:00 Introducing the video
0:15 The importance of removing stuck items
0:41 How to examine the drum
1:08 How to remove a bra wire
1:28 How to free clothing between the inner and outer drum
2:59 Suggested video: Important Safety Checks For Your Washing Machine
3:29 How to access the underneath of the drum
3:44 How to remove a stuck item in the heater
4:12 How to access the sump hose
4:47 How to remove a stuck item from the sump hose
5:43 Suggested video: How to Replace Washing Machine Bearings

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  1. 0:46 "use a torch" *gets torch* YOU DIDNT TELL ME IT WAS GONNA SET MY MOTHER F*CKIN WASHING MACHINE ON FIRE! *watches video again* OOF you meant a flashlight ….. welp im f*cked! lol

  2. Sir, ye are a wizard of the washing machine world. I had very quick look at the machine after stopping your video in mid-flow and just as you excently explained, and just by sheer good fortune and luck when I slowly rotated the drum a sock popped up to say hello and with some gentle persuasion I was able to remove . When my wife was going to bed last night she was adding a new washing machine to her list of purchases so thank-you for the profeesional video.
    All the best from West Dunbartonshire

  3. Awesome video, thanks for YOUR knowledge 😀

  4. Wonderful, helpful video. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you very much I solved my problem 👍

  6. An unholy noise.. you tubed you guys .. bra wire stuck .. pulled it out.. no unholy noise.. a million thanks guys and dolls

  7. What is I have something stuck in the pipe that makes the transition between detergents and laundry, the one from the detergent container

  8. Thank you. Save time to fix the washing machine issue.

  9. Fml I was looking in between the rubber thingy and the drum and flashing light inside the drum for a minute now. I can clearly remember putting two white socks into the washing machine and only one came out. It was a short one, could it slip into the gap and get sucked up into the drain tube anyhow? Because if not I have absolutely no clue where else it might be

  10. Very Helpful, how do you replace the drum paddle on this model?

  11. Just pulled the heating element out like u showed found £12.50 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ thankyou was gunna throw washing machine out window

  12. i am using ariston machine , today i faced issue with , when i am checking belt was removed , i tried to insert again main drum not rotating so i unable insert belt in main drum ring , wat i do , machine same like your video

  13. Got my mom’s gold necklace stuck, it got tangled and it won’t come out. I am screwed.

  14. After half taking my washing machine apart I decided to watch this video. Shoulda woulda coulda saved 2 hours.

  15. i have a problem with my front door washing machine it could not putting washing powder and first water into the spinner. other works and programs r normal. when it mix washing powder with water it goes to exit pip this is wrong

  16. My Bosch classixx 1400 has got a coin in it. It was the making that scraping noise but as I went to get it out it went completely through the gap. Now there is no scraping noise but the coin is in there somewhere. Will it go into the filter as checked filter and is not in there either. Worried that it will damage machine

  17. I appreciate your instructions but found nothing so I tried to remove the heater as per your heater replacement video but even though it looked identical, it came out so far but could not budge it any further. I loosened the nut all the way and the bolt was pushed all the way in. It moved on the rubber and I could hear the heater knocking on the side as I struggled with bigger and bigger levers and even a bit of WD-40 but eventually gave up and put it all back together.

  18. Trapped sock under the drum. Was just about to phone someone out and watched this video. All fixed 😁

  19. What should I do if I cannot find the object ?

  20. Saved me a lot of money, thank you very much

  21. Lucky for me, there was the under wire – poking out of the drum!

  22. Bra wire in the heating element area for me. Thank you!

  23. Tnx, you saved my time and nerves! 🙏🏻

  24. What will happen if a cleaning pod goes behind the washer tub? It went into the area between the 'tub' and the outside wall, I think!!! It's a top loading machine; no agitator. I asked google; I don't think anyone has ever asked this before. I couldn't find any help. I found a description of the insides of the machine….all greek to me. . — Please give your advice, thank you.

  25. Thank you very much. It is very, very useful. Thank you very much for Mr

  26. How to remove stock cloths inside( F06 error)

  27. Bravo – massive help explained so clearly and simply. Long may you do these videos! 🙂

  28. Thank you I have small part of clothes trap in inner and outer drum

  29. I have my sweatpants waist string stuck in the drum holes 😭 it's got a metal tipped string, and the metal tip must have been misshapened once it got stuck, so now it's stuck stuck.

  30. Many thanks.
    It’s helped and rescued my cloths since last week.

  31. I have a drill nail stuck under the drum, what do I do? It's under the drum that spins

  32. So we have a necklace caught under one of the plastic dividers on the inner drum. Any tips on how to remove those? We can't just pull the necklace out. Is there a way to pop it off? Thank you.

  33. "Oh my god, I'm stuck step bro💁😉"
    Step bro gets this video out and plays it to her

  34. Thanks so much for this video. Thorough and really helped!

  35. Thank goodness I saw your video, I managed to pull the bra underwire out. Couldn’t see the underwire end at first but I kept looking and there it was! 😊

  36. thank you, saved me loads of cash and time

  37. Jesus Christ, maaan, you just probably saved my life, a lot of money and from more nerves and stress!!! 🙏🏼❤ 🙏🏼 It truly was just a stupid sock trapped between the inner and outer drum. Lost a whole day of trying to fix my washing machine and there was such an easy fix the whole time. 🙈🤣 Tomorrow I'm gone try the machine and hopefully it will work. Thanks a lot!! ❤️❤️

  38. I got my keys into the drum, impossible to grab it, how can i take it?

  39. Thank you so much, we were able to remove a bra wire from the drum by removing the heater and rotating the drum, very grateful to you.

  40. cheers for the tip 6inch ruler stuck ,removed black rubber under washing machine job done.

  41. The top of my laundry liquid popped off and went into the soap dish and was washed down, anyone know how to retrieve it to stop the blockage/flooding

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