How to replace a Cotton Candy Spinner Head -

How to replace a Cotton Candy Spinner Head

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Table Top Hard Candy and Sugar Cotton Candy Maker from VIVO. The CANDY-V001 is an electric (1030W) cotton candy machine for home or commercial use that can produce up to 2-3 servings of cotton candy per minute. Just turn it on, wait for it to warm up (about 5 min), pour in the sugar and this machine starts producing cotton candy as fast as you can collect it. Collect the delicate webs of cotton candy on cones above the bowl. With this cotton candy maker, it’s like having two units in one! Choose to use either hard candies or standard cotton candy flossing sugar. Watch as it spins into sweet candy floss.

Kit includes cotton candy machine, a large 20″ stainless steel bowl, sugar scoop, manual and spare parts kit. Please note: This machine will work only on 110V / 60Hz power. (If you want a clear bubble shield that goes over the top of the steel bowl to help contain/collect the cotton candy, we sell them separately, model CANDY-V003).

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  1. I am trying to fix a stripped screw on the top of the spinner head, do you happen to have the size of the screw so i can find a replacement for it?

  2. How do I change the carbon brush and stop the sparking?

  3. How do you take off a heating head that is too sticky to come off with brute force. Been trying to rip this heating head off for 3 hours tried WD-40 but still not coming off

  4. Do you sell the plastic and copper ring under spinner head part?

  5. Hola, tengo problemas con mi maquina, el azúcar se me hace líquida, me pueden ayudar? Para saber que pasa, se me hace caramelo

  6. Does the spinner head need to be replaced if the machine is not heating ?

  7. So my spinner head is burnt, can I just remove it and clean it? I’m can’t seem to get the correct temperature

  8. Hamen yah machine chahie yah mera number hai 9369409273

  9. tengo una algodonera haci pero m a dieron sin motor que motor tengo que comprarle

  10. Wat do i do if it dont have power light on and not working

  11. If my machine is vibrating rapidly, even when empty, should I replace the spinner head?

  12. Got a boneyard of these machines we got six of them three of them down we’re on the next three are replacements from the warranty we have one that spins gets hot but burns the cotton candy mix and just barely makes any cotton candy but it’s burnt cotton candy any ideas let me know much appreciated

  13. Got 6 machines three of them down The other three are replacements brand new got one that just continuously burns out fuses and even when you replace it nine out of 10 times won’t even turn on checked all the wiring with a volt meter and it’s powered all the way through nothing unplugged any ideas will be much appreciated

  14. Hah! Such a liar.. PHILLIPS HEAD 🪛 doesn't work on any of these machines.

  15. I have a great northern cotton candy machine do you know is spinner heads are interchangeable with different brands of cotton candy machines.

  16. Need to purchase the spinner head.. Please Urgent!!

  17. Do newly replaced spinner heads give off a burning plastic smell the first time it’s on? I just replaced my spinner head and decided to give it a test run and after letting it heat up for 10 minutes I smelled an odor like melting plastic. Is this normal?

  18. Mine is not lifting up off the spinner shaft, it got stuck halfway.

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